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We’ve just uploaded the 1 March 2016 release of Spooky2 and the Spooky2 User’s Guide. As usual, you can get here:


Users have reported issues with virgin installations of the March version of Spooky2, and the database search facility. These problems have been resolved in the 3rd March version of Spooky2, which is available for download below.

Changes for this month are:

New: users can now create their own Carrier Sweeps, another Spooky2 world-first. Sweeps can be graphically displayed in linear or log (dB) format – this scale is used to make small ampitudes appear more impressive in promotional material.

New: gating for generators is now optimally synchronised, with frequency now continuing throughout gate cycles. Previously, gating applied to both frequency and amplitude. When frequency restarted after the gate, it was out of sync.

New: gate frequencies are no longer set globally and can now be set individually for each Channel. The Refresh Rate control has consequently been removed from the Advanced Menu.

New: Spooky Central Presets now force gating on Out 1, and a number of useful Presets have also been added.

New: “Unpause” command added to Global Menu.

New: if a Preset name contains “Spooky Central,” all critical parameters are now automatically set to help prevent inadvertent damage.

Improved: sending of screenshots via the Support Button is now disabled in Test Mode.

Improved: decimal resolution has been increased for many parameters, including WCM.

Improved: alert message header now toggles for Spooky Central connectivity when right-clicking Channel Buttons.

Improved: users can now choose where to save Reverse Lookup Reports, Error Reports, and Generator Status Reports.

Improved: Simple View instructions graphic is now clearer and more legible.

Improved: “Notes” field added to Simple View. Channel Data elements alignment optimised in Details View, and “Selected Programs” label added.

Improved: Program Preset Menu and Search positions swapped on Toolbar, making programming more streamlined.

Improved: version text added to Toolbar.

Fixed: code handling non-existent waveforms in a Preset.

Fixed: corrected issue with scheduled Pause Channels autostarting when Spooky2 launches.

Fixed: corrected code for displaying generator port is a WCM had been set.

Fixed: various code fixes and optimisations.

Database: entries from A-N now have verbose Additional Notes. New additions and corrections.

Some of the changes have been explained here:

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