We've just uploaded the 1 December Spooky2 20161201 release together with the updated Spooky2 User's Guide, the Spooky2 Starter Pack, and the Spooky Radionics Manual 2nd Edition here:


Here's what's changed since 21 October:

New: Scheduling pane control now allows precisely delayed generator starts.

Improved: Amplitude Ramp now also operates when Swap Waveform is enabled.

Imprved: Some graphics elements in Settings tab.

Improved: New programs and presets added to Cancer Protocol, and Guide updated (Plasma and DB sub-collections).

Improved: Many other presets improved, including some Shell (Empty) Presets.

Improved: Some control label references fixed in M&L_Protocol_v3.pdf.

Improved: New presets and Biofeedback User Guide added to Biofeedback presets collection.

Improved: Quick Scan renamed Program Grade to better reflect its purpose in Control tab.

Improved: Biofeedback code further rationalised.

Improved: Total labels in Control tab shortened to allow correct display of longer durations.

Improved: Various under-the-hood code optimisations.

Fixed: Some non-obvious bugs.