This month’s software release has resolved bugs and introduced new features designed to make Spooky more powerful. I would like to thank all the people who have suggested improvements and corrections.

Changes in this month’s release of Spooky are:

1. Out 2 Amplitude now directly definable.

2. Ramping code improved to provide smooth Amplitude changes under all conditions. Ramp rate is fixed at 2 Hz / second. If Reduce Amplitude is set, and the next program frequency is less than the current frequency, the amplitude will ramp down 5 seconds prior to the change. The “Amplitude_Ramp_Time” variable has been removed from presets.


3. User Defined waveform names are now shown in the Control tab.

4. Refine frequency scan range is now definable. This is necessary for high frequency refining.


5. New “a” variable created to allow programmatic changes to Out 2 Amplitude. 


6. "Out2_Amplitude_Factor" has been superseded by the “Out2_Amplitude” variable.

7. Presets can be built using a Base Preset. This reduces the Preset size significantly.
For example: "Base_Preset=\Shell (Empty) Presets\Spooky Cold Laser - JW".

8. 1,487 Corrected and new Newport Presets, courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.

9. 4 new waveforms, including “Lilly” (again courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto)

10. “W10” and “W11” added to program commands to select the two User-defined waveforms.

11. Improved Pause control during biofeedbacks.

12. Fixed incorrect application of Out 2 frequency Factor and Constant.

13. BP databases updated to 31st March 2018. Total database count now 40057.

14. Miscellaneous other bug fixes and code improvements.

The release has been uploaded to and .