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Spooky2 20190604 Released 2

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190604 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/


New: Option to have fast graph display of GX Current or Phase Angle when not performing biofeedback.

Spooky2 20190604 Released-1

Improved: Program logging. Each generator now has a separate log file.
Improved: Detection for generators reserved to automatically run BFB scans.
Improved: Reduced load time for frequencies within large presets.
Improved: Padding frequency disabled for biofeedbacks.
Improved: Biofeedback variable displays during scans.
Improved: Right-click copy / paste facility for program descriptions.
Improved: Refresh rate for Current / Phase Angle during biofeedback sessions.

Updated: Preset notes and documents (credits to Bryan Yamamoto).
Updated: Molecular Weight database.
Updated: Base Pair databases.
Total program count is now 47,767 with 164,501 entries. Welcome to experience the largest Rife database in the world.

Removed: Audio file creation. This was causing Spooky2 to use too much memory and becoming unstable.

Fixed: Adding first preset from search results to a preset chain.
Fixed: “Save As Startup Default” option in top menu. This was not working.
Fixed: Out 2 frequency control when applying frequency limits.
Fixed: “Spooky Plasma Fixed Carrier (P) – JW” preset.
Fixed: Zero Hz frequencies sometimes produced a fixed DC offset. This is because:
1. The Amplitude can only be set if the frequency is greater than zero.
2. The first data-point of the arbitrary wave is used as the resting value. A square wave would produce a large offset, whilst a sine wave will produce an almost zero offset.

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  1. The format has changed in this new program. Where do I find the option for killing, healing, etc?

    Terri Zimmerman
    1. You can find killing and healing preset in shell preset contact and remote mode.

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