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Spooky2 20190716 Released 8

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190716 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Updated: Main and BP databases. All main database entries now have full descriptions. Erroneous and unknown entries were deleted. Total program count: 49,634, with 170,605 entries.
Updated: DH presets. Courtesy of David Halliday and Bryan Yamamoto.

New: SD database. This holds the programs which were derived using Sample Digitizer. This database will grow over time; each compound takes 11 hours to fully analyze.

SD Database

Fixed: Frequency wobble settings were affecting other generators.
Fixed: Interlock during preset chain transitions.
Fixed: Generator refresh rates after performing BFB scan on same generator.
Fixed: BFB repeats when loop count is set to zero.
Improved: Resolution of frequency wobbles.

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  1. Hi everyone.
    Will this database work with my Spooky 2 machine?

    1. what datebase you mentioned.Our Spooky2 machine do can work with the spooky2 software

  2. Trying to download I got Virus scan failed
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you

    Milton Munoz
    1. Hello, Milton. The biofeedback scan preset can’t be loaded into GX, please connect the generatorX to the PC and run the biofeedback scan. When you press “Load” to add programs to GeneratorX, the settings saved in GeneratorX are Frequency, Waveform, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Gate and Dwell.

      These three kinds of common programs and settings can’t be loaded into GeneratorX: Preset Chain (like Terrain Protocol), Frequency Sweep Presets(biofeedback scan) and Repeat Frequency Setting

    2. Hmm. Maybe the file was corrupted and your virus program got confused. Are you running the latest version of that virus program? Try checking the download with Microsoft’s Malicious software program, available at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/malicious-software-removal-tool-details.aspx

      Dean Mindock
      1. Hello, Dean. Yes we have many related frequencies in the software, you can try to search with the key word of symptom for the disease in the program tab’s searching bar, you also can check the notes about the description about the programs.

  3. Dear Sirs, I just received the gen x. I have been sick for a long time. I was going to sometime run the M and Lyme program but I read it could take up to 4 generators to do a good job. Does the new 2 part scalar work better? I am new to all this. what is really needed to effectively get better?

    1. Hello, Greg. please don’t worry. You can run remote mode using two generators.You can access the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol under >Morgellons and Lyme Morgellons and Lyme v3.0 in the Presets tab of Spooky2.http://www.spooky2videos.com/video/how-to-run-morgellons-and-lyme-protocol-with-spooky2-remote/

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