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Spooky2 20190822 Released 8

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190822 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Improved: Base presets can now be specified with or without the “.txt” extension.
Improved: Carrier Sweep upper frequency range extended to 999,999,999 Hz
Improved: Optional voices for system sounds.
Improved: Biofeedback refine scans.

New: Clicking on Spooky icon aborts database loading. This also aborts USB device scans.

Updated: BP and Main Databases.

Total programs: 55253.
Total Entries: 173,983.

Fixed: Database loading twice after initial installing.

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  1. Thank you all!

    James Blackstone
    1. Pleaure.

  2. I purchased the essential kit quite a long time ago, and after several updates, all offering further
    improvements and broader possibilities. I have to say it is now an invaluable part of my healthcare
    regime. I use it on a regular basis to maintain my overall health.
    I would say to anyone who is sceptical, trust it! John and the team should be very proud of their
    I haven’t commented before and thought it was about time I did.

    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts, developing a truly remarkable system.

    An additional thank you to D H for his miscellaneous experimental programmes I love his approach especially the spiritual angle, which as a Reiki practitioner I find very interesting.

    Kind regards

    Phil Preston

    1. hi,Phil Preston,
      Glad to know that you like spooky2.
      Spooky2 Team will try our best to do better for all users.
      Best wishes

  3. Thank you very much

    1. Always our pleasure !

  4. Can I update the Spooky2 program while I am running the 11 day Terrain program? Thanks, Steve

    1. Hi,Steve, we don’t recommend you to update the spooky2 program or software while you are running program. You can update it after finishing terrain protocol.

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