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Spooky2 20200305 Released 2

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20200305 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Spooky2 is being continually refined, with incremental improvements in many areas.

Additionally, the Base Pair (DNA) database has been updated to include all fully sequenced strains of this (and other) known viruses.

The Base Pair database will continue to be updated whenever new genome sequences are released. It can be downloaded from John White’s Personal Website. Please check this website often, to ensure you have the best frequencies to fight this virus.

New: The DH Experimental and Newport preset sets are now optionally installed.

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Updated: BP database to version 20200305.
Updated: Main database to version 20200224.
Updated: DH Experimental Frequencies courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.
Updated: Mouse pointer changes to hourglass when a software interlock is enabled.
Interlocks prevent users from altering values and triggering software events while critical software functions are being performed.

Improved: Frequency reports of high frequencies when WCM (Wave Cycle Multiplier) is being used.
WCM raises the maximum frequency for high-resolution mode (5 decimal places)

Improved: Biofeedback resolution when using WCM.
Improved: Time estimates for biofeedbacks.
Improved: Default BP Factor setting.
This now includes changes to better disable 3D proportions of target pathogens.

Fixed: Regional settings for frequencies.
Fixed: Loop function for biofeedbacks.

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  1. Sorry don’t know if this is correct place to post this but as the reverse look up has to do with the listing of illnesses i decided to post the following:- 1) if I scan and then from the main control panel do the reverse look up I get one set of results.
    But 2) if I go to programs and open up the same scan in the control panel and press analyze it gives me the scan results in a new page. Then if I do a reverse look up from this page (which is on the same frequencies list) I get different information Why? It is the same frequencies linked to the same data but different results

    Sheelagh Hansen
    1. pls check here and learn how to do reverse lookup https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-do-a-reverse-lookup/

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