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Spooky2 20200520 Released 7

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Spooky2 version 20200520 is available now on this website: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Changes since the last formal release of Spooky2

New: Option to invert application of BP and MW factors.

Improved: Base presets can now call their own base preset.
Improved: Hourglass control for the mouse pointer.
Improved: “Resume start” error trapping.
Improved: Tissue Factor disabled for remote mode presets.
Improved: BP Factor. More details can be found at

Changed: The BP databases are now called DNA databases.

The method of calculation has changed, with none of the shortfalls of existing commercial DNA frequency sets.
Please read this thread for more information:
This document explains how Spooky2 DNA frequencies are calculated:
Changed: Windows Media Player has been replaced with DirectX.

Fixed: The Spooky2 installer was not allowing the databases to be read correctly on some computers.
Fixed: The Spooky2 installer was not prompting to back up previous installs.
Fixed: Database version display after updating databases.
Fixed: Generator resume bug on rare occasions crashing Spooky.
Fixed: BPM and HRV display for Spooky Pulse while NOT performing biofeedback.

Keep passing the love forwards.

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  1. Thank you for all the work you do.

  2. How do you know when the virus is finished? I know you said you can press stop to end the scan frequencies but how long do you need to run them for?

    1. The running time of each program is different, you can see the estimated time on the control page.

  3. never mind… i have it… should be able to download off this page but can’t but when you click on the link for it on vimeo site there is the download button.

  4. Spooky2 you have been amazing all through this pandemic.
    I just think spooky2 shows us what could be the awesome future of medicine should they ever decide to go in that direction. However the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC (who knew that the top members of the CDC including Fauci own vaccine patents $), the WHO and vaccine manufacturers will fight it with everything they have because it is all about $$. And it’s about people control too unfortunately.
    But Spooky2 is light years ahead of everyone of these entities right now! It’s amazing!

    As a Spooky2 owner, I really do not have any fear of this virus because i always know i have some preset or program to help myself, my family or someone else if they so choose. It even helped me when I actually had this virus in January /feb and only had flu/cold , respiratory presets/programs to use as it was before anyone knew it’s name.
    Fear is an immune suppressor so no need to go there if you own a spooky2 product.
    I am thankful every day for everyone at Spooky2 . You are all awesome ! And John White is the bomb! !!

  5. This program is in Contact mode so where do you place the tens pads? Right wrist and left ankle? Or closer together?

    1. Where To Best Place Your TENS Pads
      ● Where possible place electrodes across your painful region. You should try to leave at least 5cm between electrodes.
      ● Spinal Pain: Place either side of your spine.
      ● Leg Pain: Place either side of your lower back.
      ● Arm Pain: On the hand of the pain harm.

      Where Not To Place Your TENS Pads
      ● Never place the pads on your eyes, over your heart or above your shoulders.
      ● Avoid hairy areas, open wounds and scarred skin areas.
      ● Never place a pad directly over a joint; this includes your elbows, knees, and ankles.
      ● Pads should never be used when wet, and must be set aside to dry before you begin using your TENS unit.
      ● Never use a pad that has become damaged; these pads may need to be replaced before the machine is used again.

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