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Spooky2 5th Anniversary: Share Your Story And Win FREE Prizes Leave a comment

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Dear Spooky2 users,
Thank you for your participation and we appreciate all your support and affirmation. We have received lots of colorful and touching stories from our users in April. After a heated discussion, we finally made the decision.

Here are the final results of the contest:
The Most Touching Story: Damienn Danataus
The Most Popular Story: Lisa Askinaz
The Most Creative Story: Ben Wright

Our support team will contact winners for the prize.

Below are the winning stories:
The Most Touching Story: Damienn Danataus
My Spooky2 story is one year old. It began when I read an alternative doctor’s online newsletter and somebody wrote “google: ‘Spooky2′” in the comments section. I did, and found the diverse websites related to Spooky2. Since I’ve been using different self-empowering healing modalities for years – meditation, Reiki, a sound-and light machine, a zapper, brain entrainment with alpha, theta and delta wave sounds with binaural beats, the Silva Ultramind System, the Sedona Method, and so on – the Spooky system immediately resonated with me. First with my mind, and then when I bought more and more Spooky equipment, with my body.

The following stories may not sound very impressive, but they are for me:
My wife has a terrible oversensitivity/allergy for pretty much anything, notably dust and odours, and when the pollen season starts, she is sneezing and coughing like a machine gun. So I selected allergy, hay fever, Hypothalamus balance and calming programs, and created my own allergy program. Lo and behold, silence descended unto our humble home! I’m not trying to say that she doesn’t sneeze at all when the program is running (and for a time afterwards), but then neighbours would probably unplug their ears, birds happily nest again in the trees outside our house and she is not a returning customer of big-pack handkerchiefs anymore.

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The Most Popular Story: Lisa Askinaz
My healthy, vibrant, twelve-year-old daughter devolved into regressive autism little over a year and a half ago. Her rapid decline in health and eventual lapse into regressive autism blindsided me from left field. I’ve spent the past year and a half in the fight of my life with a single vision to recover her. Several mainstream pediatric specialists told me to take her to a psychiatrist. Had I listened to their advice she would likely have died. I knew that her illness was rooted in her gut. Her gut/neuro symptoms were like heads and tales on a quarter.

My endeavor to recover Zoe from autoimmune condition brought me to Spooky 2. I met a woman who told me about the benefits of using Spooky 2 Rife treatment for various illness and stealth infections. She also sent me video links to MDs who talked about the how rife technology has been used in the successful treatment of various autoimmune condition.
I purchased the GenX machine and use the detox and biofeedback programs as a daily part of my daughter’s treatment protocol. As always, her symptoms tend to spike and worsen before realizing improvement. I take this as a sign that the GenX is working in light of pathogenic die off. I can definitely see the benefit of adding more generators to maximize the benefits of Spooky 2 rife technology, so I’d like to add another GenX to her protocol!

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The Most Creative Story: Ben Wright
About 4.00pm the spotter plane reported what we had all been dreading, the super pod had stranded, it was about 10klms from the base camp. This is when I realized just how professional project Jonah really is, as soon as the news of the stranding the Jonah trained whale first aiders are dispatched, their job is to check out the greatest need for the whales, there were lots of whales piled up one on top of another, whales stuck on their sides, young whales and some babies, the first volunteers were sent to arrange parking for all the cars. At the DOC truck the call goes out for strong people to help move the whales, by the time they get to the whales, project Jonah have worked out which whales are in the most desperate need and what needs to be done, 10 minuets later the runners are dispatched their job is to get the the whales fast and start bailing water to keep them cool. Then everyone else is allowed to go, I was in the 3rd lot, when I parked up I look across the beach the whales had stranded 2kms off of the road. My heart sank, with my health problems I couldn’t imagine walking 2km, but I had to, this was why I was here, nobody else could help the whales with spooky except me. I looked at the lights flashing away on the Spooky I put my hand on the little blue generator and said “Spooky to the rescue”, and I was off, with plastic bags and cotton buds in my pocket, it took me one and a quarter hours to get to the whales.

The next morning at first light I was down the beach, the spotter plane was up it reported just a few whales had re-stranded on another beach, Jonah medics found 17 whales full of energy just waiting for the tide, the rest of the pod were waiting in the bay for them, not 1 dead, even the babies had survived, whale all 300 had survived, I was standing on the rocks alone or so I thought and I started dancing a little jig singing Spooky saved the whales. Spooky saved the whales, then this voice said “who is Spooky and what did he do”. There was a Maori lady in a Jonah vest, she was from the local Iwi (tribe). I explained about frequencies then about Spooky, and how Spooky was a gift to the world being produced at such a low cost so everyone could have one, I told her how the universe often either crossed my path or sent me to where spooky was needed, and this was just one of those occasions, that I personally had done very little towards helping the whales and it was all part of a much bigger picture.

Spooky is an incredible healing device, but it is so much more than that. It gives us the opportunity to talk the universal language of frequency, if there was a device that could read frequencies in the environment, then Spooky+radionics+quantum physics tools could change the world, with very little effort we could dissolve the plastic waste in the ocean, stop malnutrition in 3rd world countries, and so much more.

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Best of health,

Spooky2 Team

Wow! Spooky2 is now 5 years old.

During the past 5 years, thousands of families throughout the world have adopted Spooky2 into their lives. Please accept our most sincere thanks for all your support. Spooky2 couldn’t have grown so fast without you!

We are inviting you to share your Spooky2 stories for the chance to win free prizes.

Your story can be presented in written, graphic and/or video form. The closing date for entries is April 30th, 2018.


There are 3 competition categories, with a prize for each:

The Most Touching. (1 Winner)

The Most Popular. (1 Winner)

The Most Creative. (1 Winner)

The prize for each category is a Spooky2 Starter’s Kit.


Write an essay, or even better, record a video detailing your Spooky2 story. Then send your story to us by any of these methods:

1. Facebook

Post in your page using @Spooky2 Rife, or in the Spooky2 Rife Page, or Spooky2 Rife for Life group. The person with the most “likes” will get the Most Popular award.

Watch this video that will show you how to @Spooky2 Rife Page on Facebook:

2. Email

Email Spooky at [email protected].

We’ll update the winners here (on this page) on May 7th, 2018. Our support lady will contact winners for the prize.

If you have any questions about the contest, please comment below or send an email to [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tell your story now!

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