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Before we get into using Spooky2, I must first explain what the various buttons in all the tabs actually do.

Home 1: Presets tab. Home is your operations base where you can see all your Preset Collections. This is its grayed-out state when you’re already at Home.

Home 2: When you click on a preset collection in Home to enter it, the button changes its state. If you click it now, it will bring you back Home again.

Up One Level 1: Presets tab. Inside a collection, this brings you back up one level. If you’re at Home, there is no higher level, so it’s grayed out, as shown.

Up One Level 2: When you enter a collection, the button turns green, showing that it’s active. Clicking it now will bring you back up one level.

User: Presets tab. No matter where you are in the presets hierarchy, clicking this will bring you to your own collection of saved, edited, or built presets.

Delete/Clear 1: All tabs except Settings. Deletes the contents of certain lists, or a selection in some lists. Also clears the contents of a field.

Delete/Clear 2: If a list or a field is empty, there’s nothing to be deleted or cleared. In such cases, the Delete/Clear button changes state, and is greyed out.

Save: Presets, Control, and Errors tabs. Saves presets, Chained Presets, generator output values, and error lists to file.

Edit Preset/Preset Chain: Presets tab. This fullfeatured utility lets you edit your presets and chains easily. You can even use it to build new chains.

Move Up Arrow: Presets and Programs tabs. Moves a selected preset or program up one line in a Chained Preset or in Loaded Programs.

Move Down Arrow: Presets and Programs tabs. This moves a selected preset or program down one line in a Chained Preset or in Loaded Programs.

Select All/Add To List: Programs and Global tabs. Ticks all checkboxes in a related group (Database), or adds your entered value to a list (Blacklist).

Deselect All: Programs tab. Quickly deselects all checkboxes in the Database pane/Scan Results. This allows you to quickly make your own choice(s).

Close Generator Control Panel: Control tab. Click this to close the Generator Control Panel. Not to be confused with the Windows Quit button.

Reset To Default: Control and Global tabs. This appears beside some controls. If you’ve altered their values or positions and change your mind, click this.

OK/Dismiss: Identify Generators and various alerts. Clicking this will close the window or dismiss the Alert.

Source: Page41-42 of Spooky2_User’s_Guide_20161009

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