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Spooky2 Christmas Kit 2018 1

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Christmas is on the way!

The Spooky2 Team wishes you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love for your Christmas time. We’re grateful for having you with us!

During this festive season of giving, are you looking for a great gift for your family and friends? Well, 6 kinds of Spooky2 Christmas Kits are waiting for you!

Spooky2 XM Christmas Kit 2018A (XM Remote Kit)

Spooky2 XM Christmas Kit 2018B (XM Essential Kit)

Spooky2 GX Christmas Kit 2018A (GX Remote Kit)

Spooky2 GX Christmas Kit 2018B (GX Essential Kit)

Spooky2 Plasma Christmas Kit 2018 (Plasma Kit)

Spooky2 Central Christmas Kit 2018 (Central Kit)

These 6 kits will lead anyone through the journey of Spooky2 Rife system.

And surprise! We also prepared lucky bags for you! If you get any Spooky2 product during this Christmas, you will get a Lucky Bag along with your package. The Lucky Bag covers different gifts and comes to you with different products. Spoiler Alert! The Lucky Bag of a Christmas Kit will contain all our gifts and our love!

The Christmas Kit and Lucky Bag treat are only available during December 12 and December 25 (GMT +8:00). Come and get your “luck”!

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Spooky2 Christmas Kit

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  1. For Humanity and Nature…from India.. Gratitude always,..for Everyone 🙏🌺

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