Spooky2-XM generator is a frequency generator, which offers dual outputs. Hook this up to your PC running Spooky2 software and you have the most powerful and versatile frequency generator on Earth.

Our Wave Dividers technology enables carriers, modulators, and harmonics to be mathematically mixed into a single output. And both outputs can be combined into one single coherent discrete signal.

So, you can use any carrier frequency you like, and modulate with straightforward amplitude modulation. And you're not limited to a simple square wave - you can do this with all 23 Spooky2 waveforms.

Spooky2 can also do the impossible - like making a Spooky2-XM (which has a hardware frequency top limit of 5MHz) generate up to 25MHz and beyond. It is a great choice for most people.

Multiple Frequency Transmission Modes

There are five main frequency transmission methods with Spooky2-XM generator: Remote, Contact, PEMF, Cold Laser and the powerful Plasma.

Remote mode applies frequencies at any distance using quantum entanglement. Normally, this involves sandwiching the person’s fingernails in paper sticker and put the sticker into Spooky2 Remote. Contact mode delivers frequencies deep enough into the body to reach all organs using DC electrical energy. PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a safe and natural way to literally recharge your body so it can travel the path to better health. PEMF targets your body at a cellular level to stimulate cell metabolism and improve your health. Cold laser is also called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), uses safe non-thermal light photons to accelerate the body's natural healing processes. This light energy can penetrate right through all the layers of our skin with ease. Plasma mode is the most powerful frequency transmission mode with full body penetration. This mode can transmit frequencies up to 3,500,000Hz (3.5MHz) without needing any wasteful and potentially harmful fixed carrier frequency.

Spooky2 offers many ways of applying frequencies. You can choose a way to meet your needs.

How to Transmit Frequencies Using Spooky2-XM Generator

Spooky2 XM generator is designed to be controlled 100% by Spooky2 software. Spooky2 software is the most comprehensive and convenient system. You can receive accurate frequencies and effective treatment options from Spooky2 software. Free software updates and the world’s largest frequency database ensure Spooky2 will always be superior. Now the database contains more than 40000 programs, which includes Cancer, Lyme, Alzheimer’s Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cold, etc.

If you fail finding a frequency in the database, you can also create your own program with the frequencies you’d like to run. The steps are very simple. Firstly, choose Create Program.

Secondly, enter the program name and frequencies.

Thirdly, click the Save button to save your customized program. Then you can use Spooky2-XM generator to run your frequencies. In this way, you can use both the wide various Spooky2 frequency database and the frequencies of your own researches. Spooky2-XM generator can send out frequencies from 0 to 25Mhz.

Spooky2 is the most effective and affordable Rife treatment system available today. It provides good, honest health solutions without obscene profit margins. Our mission is to eliminate cancer and all illnesses. Our vision is to empower people to take control over their own health and live long lives. Our values are focused on love, compassion and honesty over profit.

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