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What is SEE International?

Do you know that nearly 90% of the world’s blind population live in areas without access to high-quality eye care? SEE International is an organization that provides essential and transformative eye care and surgery around the world, bringing medical volunteers and partners together to care for the people who need it most.

It is based in Santa Barbara, California, and manages the logistics and operations for hundreds of clinics and educational opportunities around the globe every year. They cooperate with over 650 volunteer medical professionals, local doctors, and clinics to improve access to high-quality eye care and surgery, driving patients, families, and communities to become more spirited and healthier.

SEE International

As we established our Spooky2 foundation, one of the volunteers from SEE International, Maleesha Jayasinghe, reached out to us, hoping we could help and promote her fundraising in our Spooky2 community.

Here is a message from Maleesha Jayasinghe:

“I am Maleesha Jayasinghe, a medical student from Sri Lanka. One of the main reasons I joined SEE International was because, in the hospital, I encountered many patients who were utterly devastated when they suddenly lost vision in one or both eyes. Can you imagine how you would feel if one day you woke up and couldn’t see your loved ones or lost the ability to live by yourself? It’s a lot more heartbreaking than you might think. I have worked with over 30 patients who faced these issues, and luckily, they had SEE International supporting them the whole time.”

SEE International provides free surgeries to patients every day and charges $25 only for each patient for the standard medical equipment. $25 is not much for most of us, but it could bring hope to the blind.

In the United States, cataract surgery can be costly, requiring $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the state and hospital. However, with the support of the SEE organization, we can work to relieve preventable blindness and provide life, work, and happiness for everyone. Also, we can help make meaningful changes in poor, developing countries to provide better access to medical services and professional care.

We have already donated on behalf of the Spooky2 community to help Maleesha Jayasinghe support ten patients and their surgery costs. And now, we are inviting you to join us in making a difference.

Maleesha is fundraising again with SEE International. This time, her goal is to assist 60 patients. Our help is limited unless we have your support.

If you are familiar with a non-profit charity organization or someone you know who needs financial help, you can always send a request via the following link:

We are always here to help you.

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