Nowadays Lyme disease has become a gobal epidemic.

There is substantial evidence that rife machines are safer and more effective than other "proven" Lyme Disease treatments. Rife machines are safe because there is no side effects over their 15+ years of use against Lyme Disease. They are effective because many people who use them attain significant improvement from Lyme Disease, and many people also have reported with success in treating lyme and co infections using Spooky2 Rife machine.

One of Spooky2 users Pat Smith have written a book called Naturals & Rife for Lyme & Company Spooky 2, his book tells his experience in using Spooky2 together with Natural method treating his lyme disease and had success, it also has detailed program and setting:

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Review of new Rife Machine… possible heal Lyme, Cancer, AIDS, Tumors, dis-ease quickly…save money….

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Naturally Curing Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease:

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