Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides

Q: Is there a specific spot where you have to put your samples on the replacement slides? Or is there anywhere the sample shouldn’t go on the plate. Does it have to touch the two silver tracks?
A: Please place the liquid biological sample on one slide. Ensure the sample is placed in the black capital E. Place the other slide on top. The two capital Es should be facing each other.

Q: Does a couple of slides only serve for once? If they are cleaned can they be reused?
A: You can use them multiple times, as long as they are dry and clean. You can clean them with alcohol.

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Q: Can I use ozone / ozonated water to clean sample digitizer?
A: Yes, you can use ozone / ozonated water to clean the replacement sides of Spooky2 Sample Digitizer.

Biological Samples

Q: Can I use semen as sample?
A: Yes, and it might be a great idea for treating sexually transmitted infections.

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Q: Can I put nails into replacement slides to do GX digitizer scan? Or powder nail?
A: The two slides need to be less than the thickness of paper apart. Whole nails will not work. Using powdered nails is a novel idea and should be ok, provided the slides are almost touching. The best method of making "nail powder" will be to use a nail file. You will be the first person to try this method, so please give it a try and report your findings!

Q: How much material do I need for biofeedback if I have a sample of the cancer cells from the biopsy? If it is a dry scabby blob is that OK or does it need to be kept wet? Or what?
A: Wet cells. Not much is needed. Only enough to "paint" the black "E" of the digitizer. A dry scabby blob would be too thick for the holder. The "blob" can be kept in sterile water for an hour, then the water tested in the digitizer.

Q: How long are the samples kept inside the slides? How do you treat that person later with the remote if the DNA sample is bad.
A: Roughly 8 hours before they get really yucky.

You would be using the DNA sample (nails) in your remote to treat a person and not the sample in the sample digitizer. Therefore it wouldn't matter that the sample in the sample digitizer gets really yucky. The reason to leave the sample in the sample digitizer for more than the first BFB run would be to do any further BFB runs throughout the day. But you can always use a fresh sample each time you do a new BFB run.

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Q: Can you run a contact treatment with Spooky2 Sample Digitizer? Or just Biofeedback Scan?
A: You can do both scan and treatment using Sample Digitizer. There are 3 presets for Digitizer. The first two presets are for biofeedback scan. The third one combines scan and treatment, which is an experimental function.

If you use contact mode, you should first save the scan results, and then use contact accessories to do the treatment.

For effective treatments, we recommend using Plasma, Contact, Remote mode to run scan results.

Q: Since the GenX has two generators can you do a BFB on person 1 with Sample Digitizer on G1 and do a BFB on person 2 on G2 with a different Digitizer?
A: Only 1 scan can be done at a time.
Once the scans have been done, the results may be run on both generators simultaneously.

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Q: Is it advisable to get 2 Sample Digitizers and Replacement Slides for my GenX? I’m not sure whether a second digitizer should be used when running detox on the second generator of GenX, while the first generator is doing the BFB and treatment.
A: Only one BFB should be running per person at a time.
The Digitizer Replacement Slides for the most part mimics the original remote.
It is no where as efficient as a v1.1 remote, and far from having the efficacy rates of a v2.0 remote.

The power in using the replacement slides as a remote is in the constant loopback biofeedback you can perform with it.

Otherwise, it would be better if you are not using the fully automated BFB scan (beta feature), even if using the Digitizer to scan, to take your scan and then apply results using a v2.0 remote.

I reported as well that the v2.0 remote was nearly as capable as contact mode, given my testing and efficacy rates achieved.

The largest confirmation was the fact that the remote eczema preset finally effected the same level of change as it did when I ran via contact which is really the only time I had to use contact.

John has simply acquired enough data from multiple sources to confidently state that the v2.0 remotes are just as good as contact now.

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Q: I would like to do a BFB scan for a relative who lives 2,000 miles away and would like to know what the best way to get a biologic sample would be, and how long would the sample be viable?
A: We must remember how the scan of the GX works, it takes a living fresh biological sample and scans it. A better way would be to stick electrodes into the "sample" as in body but that is not feasible. So we usually scan over it using electrodes (tens pads electrodes). Now we have a new way to scan body samples of the liquids where the pathogens reside, so we remove the samples from the source (body) and scan it instead using the new equipment that has been engineered to make that process easy.

It is the pathogens that you are trying to scan, right? The more alive the better, if the pathogen is dead it is just foreign trash that does not move or respond to the scan. The scan is like a crystal glass sitting in front of a speaker, and when the resonant frequency is hit, it kills the glass by breaking it. The scan does kill some of the pathogens, but would be better by killing for 3 to 5 minutes or more per session, but since the scan is so fast, the pathogens just "squeal" a bit or make a change which is recorded by either the pulse scan or the GX scan. If the pathogens are dead due to they being dried out, or they died due to heat, or they became just no longer viable, then they will not show a response to the GX scan.

No response equals no hits and will not show up against other things. It is not like a microscope where you see pathogens alive or dead, to scan them and get a response, they must be alive to respond.

You could have them send the sample in a glass vial wrapped in bubble wrap with a container of dry ice like they send lobsters and such it would make it to you and be viable if journey is a quick one. The sample starts to die as the specimen no longer gets fresh nutrients to feed all of it. 

This is my intuition talking of course based on what I know about it, I could be off a bit as I never have sent biological samples across land using dry ice before. I have received lobster before in the mail fresh from afar in the mail with dry ice.

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Q: Does Spooky2 Sample Digitizer work only on the new GX? Can it also work on the classic XM generator?
A: It can be used with GX only.

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer