Q: Can the generator be powered directly from computer through USB cable alone without external power supply?

A: No, it cannot be powered directly from computer through USB cable alone. It will not turn on without external power supply. 

Q: What is the specification of the generator power adapter? Do you have the input plug size that goes into the generator?

A: For adapter, the correct size is 5V 1A, inside diameter 2.1mm, outside diameter 5.5mm.
As long as the current is higher than 1A, it is ok. Sometimes we supply 1.5A or 2.5A. 

Q: Can Spooky2 run with a 12 volt to 5 volt adapter? I travel a lot and wondered if it could be used via the car battery or cigarette lighter adapter.

A: As long as polarity is correct (DC plug type) and voltage stays at 5VDC XM generator will run just fine. Make sure DC converter can handle at least 0.5A (preferably 1A) current which is an average Spooky2XM consumption at 5VDC.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Is there a function to turn off the display on the generator to save power?

A: The current design is with very weak display, so it saves power. But to answer your question, no, the display can not be turned off.

Q: I touched control buttons(dial) on my Spooky2 5M generator. Will the generator reset after turning off?

A: Yes. The generator will return back to the factory default settings after rebooting.

Also there is a button to reset the generator to its factory settings. It is located on the Control Tab. If you press the button, the generator will go to its default settings, but its sound will be disabled (this is not a downside at all, in fact).

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Q: How to turn off/on the beep sound on generator?

A: http://www.spooky2-mall.com/download/Spooky2XMOperation.pdf
This is the instruction on how to turn off the beep sound, you can also follow it to turn on the beep sound. It doesn't affect the performance of the generator.

Also if you press the Reset button located in the Control tab, the sound from the generator is turned off.

Q: Do you recommend to install these spare communication boards on brand new Spooky2 generators?

A: Please keep the spare communication board in a safe way, it is for future use, if anything happens.

Q: What are the benefits of multiple generators?

A: The benefit of multiple generators is to be able to work on different things simultaneously, or to have several different frequency sets of a protocol operating at the same time for some of the most obstinate diseases like cancer, Lyme, or Morgellons disease...

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Frequency range:

Q: What is the frequency range of Spooky2 XM generator? What is the max limit of Spooky2-XM generator when using software? Is it 25Mhz?

A: Spooky2 and the XM generator can address frequencies directly from 0.0001 Hz to 25 MHz. After 25 MHz you loose both power and accuracy. Power loss is due to the generator's switching speed. I know there's a better way to explain this but I'm currently at a loss for the right words.

Accuracy is also effected by the above. You will see the waveform distort on an oscilloscope when you push the frequency over 25 MHz using the arbitrary waveform technique.

The remotes can take the frequency input directly, as can the contact methods.

Spooky Central has a range from 100kHz to 3.5MHz at a minimum, but frequency calculations are done by Spooky2 on the fly.

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Q: What does the Spooky2 XM generator do?

A: The signal generator receives commands from the Spooky2 software and converts the instructions into an electrical signal.

Q: Is it OK to run the generator without a computer? Can the generator run on its own, or does it have to be hooked up to the computer?

A: The generators when employed in the role of Rife are designed to be controlled 100% by Spooky2 and need to be hooked up to a computer to facilitate this.

In this mode, there is no need to touch any of the buttons on the generator.

The generator, being based on standard equipment also used in industrial applications, can be run in standalone mode. However, then you would need to know how to set the generator up using said buttons and is limited as you would have to manually change the frequency each time.

Suggestion is to plug it into a computer and allow the software to take care of all the intricate details of setting the generator up correctly. It will also automate the changing frequencies.

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Q: Will one generator be enough to treat both of us? I see some programs need to run 24/7, and I assume you can only hook one person to one generator.

A: Each generator can only run one set of programs at one time. To simultaneously treat 2 people with different conditions it is necessary to purchase 2 generators.

You can only treat 2 people with the same disease at the same time with one generator.

Q: I have a lot of health problems I want to experiment with. Can I use two generators running at the same time on myself?

A: Yes, you can certainly use multiple generators. We call this "Parallel Pathogen Processing," and it's unique to the Spooky2 Rife System.

In fact, we currently recommend using four or more generators in cases of late-stage cancer, Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease, and other multi-pathogen conditions. These can all be controlled from one PC.

Multiple generators also allow you to work on different unrelated issues at the same time rather than having to deal with them one after the other.

Q: Can I run same frequency on two generators?

A: Yes, you can. However, please make sure they are at least half an hour apart from each other. And please make sure the same frequency is not running at the same time. Otherwise it will not be good for the people who is receiving the frequencies.

Q: How to change one generator from remote to contact mode when it is running? Do I need to quit the Spooky2 software and then switch off the generator?

A: You do not need to turn off the generator, you can stop the treatment of the channel you want to use for contact treatment and reset it. For the hardware part, you only have to change the accessories from remote to contact.

Please check the link below for more answers and thoughts: http://on.fb.me/24RQDUv

Q: Can I unplug USB cable while the program is on standby and plug it in to continue the program? I have only two USB Ports in my computer, sometimes not enough.

A: The short answer is no.

The long answer is that when Spooky2 starts up it establishes a serial connection over the USB protocol.

This serial connection is not hot pluggable like the USB protocol is. So when you unplug the generator, the communications protocol established between Spooky2 and the generator is broken.

The only way to re-establish this comms link is to shut down Spooky2 and restart the program.

The best way to deal with a shortage of USB ports is to wire the generators into a usb hub and then the hub will only take one USB port of your computer.

Additionally, depending on the number of usb ports on the hub, you can wire other devices into it as well.

Currently I have my mouse plugged into the hub I have my generators on for instance.

I recommend a powered usb hub if you will be using more than 4 ports.

For more details, please check:

Q: I want to turn off and unplug only one of the generators I have going. Do I have to turn off the software for that?

A: You should be able to disconnect the USB cable, then turn off the power switch without hurting anything.

Obviously, you'll have to shutdown the software and restart to enable the software to see it again when you want to add it back to the system.

For more details, please check the link:

Communication Problem:

Q: I have finally hooked everything up, but the computer can't see the generators. If I hook up just one it works but if I use the splitter for 7 USB's it can't see it.

A: It should be the problem of the usb hub, from my own experience, cheap low quality usb hub normally can not supply enough power, in this case, some of the generators connected can not be detected.

You can kindly try with other higher quality powered usb hub.

There is another way you can try, please check this:

Q: The generators get stuck (freeze) continue to run at one frequency. When this happens, stopping program doesn't cause little "click" noise that shuts off the generator, it just keeps running.

A: It means the generator has lost communication with Spooky2 software. If you are using a Spooky Central, electrical noise may be causing the problem. Make sure the white high voltage wires, plasma tube and Spooky Central are as far from the generator as possible. The generator can be higher than Spooky Central. Use the special USB and BNC filter cables provided with your Spooky Central. If you do not have the BNC filter cables these can be obtained from spooky2-mall.com.

If you are not using Spooky Central, it is possible the USB connection is loose, try to turn off and start everything again. If it doesn't work, try to change to another USB cable. Please connect the XMs directly. You could try with wifi disconnected and bitdefender stopped. You can stop some background programs with Task manager

The power supply of generator has a slight fluctuation which was disrupting the signals, so please move it over to our other house (we have two).

Or it is possible your USB is set to dormancy after a while:
Please set it not to dormancy in your pc:
1. Go into device manager (right click "My Computer", select "Properties")
2. find the section labeled "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and expand it out
3. find USB Root Hubs (there may be at least 3 listed)
4. right click on one and select properties
5. go to the "Power Management" tab
6. ensure that t