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It started many years ago with a deep desire for truth. The path was a little intensified when the body was no longer able to function due to pain and fatigue, with further deteriorating results from the allopathic diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue , and the drugs prescribed to manage the pain. I was blessed to come to know a Holistic practitioner/Chiropractic Doctor, who through nutrition, literally saved my life. He passed over, and the skill of dowsing came into view, and I continued the healing path taught me. I managed and functioned, with lots of rest, further studies and further searching which lead me to Spooky2, just when I thought ” I had experienced it all,” and I was failing health wise again.
I knew instinctively the Scalar Energy held promise……I had hope!, I ordered it…..healing much skepticism and self doubt and choosing to stay positive. It was a happy day when I set up Scalar, and could immediately feel the calm energy on my wracked nervous system! Then to further experience the molecular properties of the nutrients, erased all doubt that I was on the mend again, I could look forward to enjoying life again, rather than pretend I was ok when around family and friends, then collapse when I got alone. I am still in awe, of the technology, and shared with my 84 year old friend, who has her own scalar now! She has hope of enjoying being a great grandmother for the first time!
Adding to this experience, I ordered and am using the GeneratorX and XM, remotes and experimenting with a few other wonderful tools , each day renewed hope for myself, my friends and family. I am very grateful for the technology, the effort, expertise and time all the team takes, to bring this level of healing and hope to whom ever is open to it. Heart felt gratitude …Be blessed
PS I am 74 years on this wonderful earth, and love the learning curve I am able to have as a result of all the support! Again, many thanks

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