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In May of this year I thought i was having a heart attack at age 66. So did my natural path Practitioner. He immediately sent me to emerge. Nothing was picked up there. Two weeks later , so so sick still, I went back to my naturopath practitioner . He found out that I had pericarditis. (Infection of the paracadium , the protective outter layer of the heart ). Very tired , lots of annoying continuous cheast pain, and being told it may be my new normal. Sad to think I no longer would jog again, continue my love of fitness and many of my outdoor activities, I took some Of his remedies And was somewhat improving however still pain in my heart and cheast . I had, had a spooky 2 machine for years , told him about it and that I was gonna give it a try . Never used it before or set it up and yet knew about its healing effects and decided to study it lots more And apply with my DNA. Approx 5 weeks later I had a return visit with my naturopath , told him I was still doing spooky, which he suggested to continue even tho he informed me the paracardium had healed . It’s 6 months now and I feel better than ever . Back to all my fitness and other outdoor/indoor activities . Totally amazing . I would suggest to Never doubt your spooky 2. My heart is full . ❤️

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