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Spooky2 brought me a more energized and better life Leave a comment

Hi, my name is Gerard Horn. I purchased spooky 2 scalar and generator x early in 2020. I suffer from Chrohns and generalised ainxiety. I have fatigue issues as well. When i started using spooky 2 scalar i noticed a vast increase in energy. Whenever my energy was down i could simply sit between the lids. Its amazing. I have also enjoyed the benefits of molecular scalar and all i have to do is place my essential oils and vitamins on the spooky 2 reciever plate and i recieve the benefits. Its remarkable. I have also used the generator x for remote schuman frequency and it crushes aimxiety. It makes a huge difference. The Schuman resonance for ainxiety is a top on my list. I also love using rife scalar through my spooky 2 scalar with generator x for delivering frequencies to myself. My parents have also benefitted dramatically. I lways felt secure knowing i jad this technology close by in the climate we are living in today. Generator x delivers fast biofeedback scans that i can rely on for accuracy and effeiciency. Biofeedback keeps me in the loop of what my body needs and it delivers the frequencies i know are best for me. I have grade scanned all of my biofeedbacks to give me the cream de la creme. I am so happy with spooky. I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for bringing me to this technology and I also thank Mary, The Mother Of God for Her intercession. I strongly recommend this product to any one seeking a better life. Thanks spooky. :=)

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