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Spooky2 Helped Me with Many Health Problems Greatly

I purchased my first Spooky2 equipment in May of 2019. I had experienced some Rife treatment in the past. It seemed totally acceptable to my understanding of healing with sound, light, and frequencies. But it was a bit confusing and overwhelming with a long list of frequencies and what to tune to. Then I found Spooky2! I love the way it is put together, user-friendly even for a nontechy like me. At first, I put it away, save it for a rainy day. Then I got a flu bug and all my natural healing methods were not working. Decided to get it out and try to figure it out. I got it hooked up and ran a biofeedback scan on the XM Generator. About half way through it I started to feel a little better. Got done and was feeling quit a bit better but thought maybe it was placebo effect. I hooked it up to remote with a nail sample after. Two hours later I was out mowing the lawn. I had been pretty down and out for a week with body aches, headache, sinus, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea. Diarrhea went away after that session. Fatigue and body aches by end of the day and the rest with in the next 2 days all resolved. I only ran the remote session for 4 hours. Since then I have added the use of the GenX with remotes, Sample Digitizer, internal probe, Miramate Laser and Flash. I have worked on several of my own issues and had much help with chronic Pancreatitus with Biliary Duct spasms, Allergies, overactive bladder, multiple viruses, some arthritis in my hands and some skin issues with the Flash. My biggest healing is with my pancreas, biliary system. This has been a health issue that came on 25 years ago from unknown source. After much medical world help that did not help, I went to the natural healing world 25 years ago. My quest to heal this brought me into the field as my area of work doing body, mind, spirit healing. Using Spooky2 biofeedback scans, and healing preset frequencies has helped so much. I do not have that constant inflamed pain in my pancreas, liver and bile duct. I am continuing to work with it to bring complete healing. My passion is also to help other heal. I have had good results using Sample Digitizer with my pets, parasites and fungus issues. And very exciting is using these devices with my clients. Amazing how doing the 11-day detox can bring healing! Also running the Biofeedback scans with treatment.

So grateful for those who put Spooky together in such a way that is user-friendly, it just takes a little time and trial to learn more with it. The energy that is put into the Spooky products is good, and for the higher good. Thank you!

So appreciate the videos and posted information and affordability of the products . God Bless you all for what you do and Thank you!