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The Latest Spooky2 Central Testimonials 2

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Spooky2 Central is a modern-day Rife system that can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It is many users’ favorite due to its super effectiveness in serious diseases. Spooky2 Central contains four modes, Plasma mode, Ultrasonic, PEMF and Contact mode. Plasma Mode is the most powerful among all Rife products.

Some Spooky2 users report their success with Spooky2 Central, now let’s see what they say.

#USER 1 – Battling lump

I found a lump on my breast in July 2014 and promptly went to see a doctor. After seeing my mammogram and ultrasound a week later, the doctor recommended an immediate biopsy and surgical removal if found to be malignant. I decided to first do research on alternatives before doing any of his recommendations. I then changed my bad diet to eating a lot of vegetables, and I also took a lot of healing supplements. One year into this self-healing journey, while still researching on alternative healing modalities, I ran into Spooky2 in the internet. I studied all I could about it and went ahead to buy two essential kits, remotes for each generator, a Spooky Central and straight plasma tube, and other products. I started to use all my Spooky items when they arrived but after becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of complex information I needed to learn in the software, I decided to pack everything away for the next five years! Meanwhile, my tumor continued to grow, albeit slowly. Eventually, the skin over my tumor broke, giving me much pain and worries.

It is for this reason that I decided to unpack my Spooky2 items. I downloaded the updated software and saw that I could understand it better. There are also a lot more users who write about their use of the hardware and software, helping me with my own challenges. I recently read, for example, that I do not have to try to understand everything about settings for frequencies, amplitude, and waveforms. I will understand them later, eventually, as I continue using Spooky. So, for now, I do the basics: Go to presets, load programs, click generator icon in the control panel, and Start! I’m getting the hang of it. It still causes me to pause, but with practice over the last three months, I am a lot more confident.

Today, I am happy to observe that the bulging lump in my armpit has become smaller, the stabbing pain I get every few minutes is greatly decreased; and my energy level is higher than ever. I certainly can say that Spooky is not just some unproven method because I see that it is working for me. I will continue to use Spooky because I trust that it will help me with my health issues. I am, by the way, in the process of buying two more generators and remotes because I want to help my sons with their health issues as well. I really can’t wait to receive my new Spooky2 items!

#User 2 – Reducing Pain

At this time I have been dealing with multiple doctors and specialists for over a year now and still no clear diagnosis as to what is actually wrong with me! I have undergone ultrasounds, MRI, CT scans, bone scans, biopsies and enough blood tests to last a lifetime! Since I have no intention of being subjected to any kind of chemotherapy, and also no intention of taking powerful steroidal drugs (probably for the rest of my life) if it is some kind of autoimmune disease, and decided to start my own course of treatment. Since I have been long familiar with the research of Royal Raymond Rife and I am quite familiar with Tesla’s work (and also having spent 25 years as a biomedical engineer), as well as chakras, solfeggio frequencies, orgone energy, chi, etc., I began to search in earnest as to the best way to apply the technologies to my specific issues. I was led to the Spooky2 site after purchasing the book by Marcello Allegretti called The Frequency of Rifing and was impressed by the site’s philanthropic approach of using various techniques in the pursuit of controlling and curing various conditions and diseases.

After some further research, I ordered the full Spooky Central kit in April 2020 and started to familiarize myself with the system and software at the beginning of May. Although I have had a few shipping/technical issues customer service was quick to provide the necessary corrections and I would give them full marks for their quick and thorough actions to correct any issues. At this time I have ordered another XM Generator kit and the Colloidal Silver kit as well to better utilize the full range of treatment modalities such as the cold laser specifically. I am presently running the Phanotron tube (using a large quartz crystal in contact with the plasma tube to amplify the frequencies) along with the ultrasonic transducer, PEMF and TENS, all simultaneously (using a customized harness to hold the ultrasonic and PEMF coil in place). I started off with the recommended 11-day Terrain Protocol, although at this point I should mention that I had already done a full body detox utilizing a water fast for a period of 15 days as well as multiple coffee enemas, this was extremely effective therefore the Terrain Protocol was not as important but still effective in that it produced an unexpected side effect!

After suffering from lower back pain for well over 20 years (excessive lifting, poor posture, etc), I found my back pain to be greatly reduced and my mobility improved! Unfortunately, I have much more serious issues to work on at this time so trying to analyze how that happened is not at the top of my list right now. After decades of research, I am fully convinced we are beings of frequency as is everything that surrounds us, and the most intelligent and practical approach is to attack the issues on this level. I will certainly have much more to add but this is, in fact, a work in progress and I am the primary guinea pig! And speaking of pigs I should also mention that I have been almost 100% vegan for the past 3 years, always try to source organic produce and I exercise regularly. Stay tuned!

#User 3 – Ligament Repair

The first time I used my Spooky2 equipment was when I tore my MCL. I didn’t know it was a partial tear just new it hurt to bad to walk. I could get in to the sports doctor so I used my Spooky2 for inflammation. Within 30 minutes I went from not able to walk with awful pain to pain-free. Granted it did not last as it’s a torn MCL but with frequent use and my brace I healed from this injury. I think in a good amount of time and with less pain and inflammation. I used the Spooky2 Central unit for this.

#User 4 – Eliminate Helicobacter Pylori

Woman 38 years with pancreatitis was in a worse state. She is been treated in a clinical way by different doctors. They prescribe different pharmaceutical drugs and still, the pancreatitis was not going away. After 1 1/2 years been treated in a clinical way, she visits my practice. We find out that the cause of the pancreatitis was a Helicobacter Pylori. I advise her on my diet and treat her 1 x in a week for 4 weeks with the Spooky central plasma. After 1 month she was tested in the hospital and the pancreatitis was not there anymore.

#User 5 – Relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis

I originally bought a Spooky2 essentials kit for my wife because of her problem with rheumatoid arthritis. Antibiotics had destroyed her immune system and now apparently her body does not produce B-cells in her blood. We started using the Lyme and Morgellans protocol with tens pads every night. On the 19th program we finally saw a huge difference in how it destroyed candida in 3 – 4 days. We had been trying to control her candida for years and Spooky2 wiped it out very quickly. It was at that time we decided to buy the Spooky Central and the plasma tube. My wife is not on any medication now, we’re still dealing with some issues of rheumatoid arthritis and other the loss of her immune system, but most of her pain and stiffness is gone. Her progress has been miraculous to say the least. We continue to use Spooky2 to help her. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made this technology available.

Did you use Spooky2 Central before? Have you achieved any results with Spooky2? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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  1. I tripped and fell backwards bringing my wrist and bruising my elbow extremely. The pain was incredibly intense. I went to the doctor they took x-rays and decided it was just sprang and terribly bruised but not broken. My eyes did it and use the tens pad of my spooky to to run the healing frequencies I’ll be me. The next day the intense pain had diminished. Within 2 weeks my sprained wrist and elbow will back to normal.

    1. Glad to hear it, and thanks for your trust.

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