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Theory on Frequency Fatigue/Poisoning and Spooky Remotes 6

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This is something that has been in the works of my understanding for some time, but only today became a clear picture that I ended up articulating to answer a question over on Spooky2 Rife for Life.

I am posting it here for consideration and feedback.

In reference to the following blog post:
a question was asked to explain frequency poisoning.

John describes Frequency Poisoning well in the video that is linked to the blog article. He describes it as long term exposure to a fixed frequency. Usually this fixed frequency is doing nothing beneficial like targeting a pathogen, but is just a fixed carrier.

To shed some light on how I look at the two terms.

Frequency Poisoning: Long term exposure to a fixed frequency. Does not have to be a static carrier, maybe your generators locked up and you didn’t notice until you felt sick and went to check. Sound familiar?

Frequency Fatigue: Long term exposure to positive biased frequencies.

Let me explain what I mean by positive biased frequencies.

Many researchers agree that in order to avoid fatigue, one should use an offset.

However, I feel it goes further than this. One should not be exposed to what we know as magnetic north, or bio-south for a long period of time. Both of these terms reference magnetic positive.

With the Spooky Remote v1.0, there was no magnet. There was no reference point for the scalar waves. It just also happens that the v1.0 remotes were known to cause fatigue for some. This was most likely exposure to positive biased frequencies.

Even with the use of an offset, since there is no reference point for the two magnetic coils that are producing the scalar waves, exposure to positive biased frequencies most likely still happened.

With the new v1.1 remotes, we now have two flavors. The black (MN) remote which has a positive field bias, and the white (BN) remote that has a negative field bias. The magnet provides a fixed reference point for the creation of the scalar wave.

It just happens that we do not recommend the use of the black (MN) remote for more than 3 days to avoid what many experience as frequency fatigue, among other observations that we have noted over the last year.

The white (BN) remote, which has a negative field bias, has not been known to cause frequency fatigue and can be used 24/7. If my theory is correct, this is because it does all of its work in a negative field bias.

There is no need to use an offset with the white (BN) remote to try and avoid frequency fatigue, as both the positive and negative swings of an AC waveform are already sitting in the negative spectrum.

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5268

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  1. If I got frequency fatigue how do I get rid of it ?

    Axayacatl Alanis
    1. Running the same frequency non-stop for an extended period of time can result in what may be termed as frequency fatigue and your body adapts to a given frequency. So you can take a break or need some variations.

      1. And how much time takes to recover from frequency fatigue/poisoning ? A couple of days of weeks ?

        Axayacatl Alanis
        1. It depends on the individual, so we cannot guarantee how long you can recover from frequency fatigue. But according to feedback from others, it usually lasts for days.

      2. My mom experimented frequency fatigue and she took a break from therapy. But as soon as she felt almost recovered she restarted therapy and the fatigue came back again. Does she needs to wait until she feels 100% recovered to restart the therapy ?? or she needs to rest a few extra days before restart therapy ?? Why could be the reason why the fatigue came back ??

        Axayacatl Alanis
        1. Hi, l am not sure your mom experience frequency fatigue or herx reaction. Could you tell me more details to [email protected], they will help you.

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