Recently some people have reported great success in treating tinnitus using Spooky2. Today we would like to share the program they were running, the settings and hardware they used.

The most common cause of tinnitus is dental and jawbone infection. Ringing often originates from Teeth and jaws infection.

So they chose these frequencies below:

Ears Ringing CAFL
Tinnitus CAFL
Dental 1 XTRA
Dental 2 XTRA
Dental and Jawbones Infections 1 XTRA
Dental and Jawbones Infections 2 XTRA
Dental General CAFL

Here is the screenshot of the settings they used:

For August 2016 Software and above:

Here you must check the Allow Channel Overwrites box.

So now the changed settings will apply.

Hardware: Suggest using a white (BN) remote wired using a spooky boost cable.

Sometimes you may want to try different waveforms and settings that works better for you.

For August 2016 Software and above:

Still remember to check the allow channel overwrites box.

If you want to use the above in contact mode, we suggest you change repeat each set to 1, repeat program to 1, and dwell multiplier to 1. Also check the reduce amplitude < 10 kHz option so that it is enabled.

Run the program once a day via contact for 7 days and re-evaluate.

Two other possible causes for tinnitus are Paget's Disease of Bone and spinal misalignment. The two systems most likely involved are auditory nerves and bone. Paget's Disease of Bone is known to cause damage to the tiny bones in the sound transduction system of the inner/middle ear, and Spooky2 has frequencies for this.

So if above programs still do not work for you, you can try the program for Paget's Disease of Bone and spinal misalignment.