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According to Chinese Medicine, the human body has 12 meridians: Bladder meridian, Pericardium meridian, Gall Bladder meridian, Heart meridian, Kidney meridian, Large Intestine meridian, Liver meridian, Lung meridian, Small Intestine meridian, Spleen meridian, Stomach meridian, and Triple Warmer Meridian.

What is the meaning of the 12 meridians? The 12 meridians are in chronological order. Each meridian will be most active at certain times of the day/night and Chinese Medicine offers a Meridian Clock, showing the most active time of each organ. It is like the tide, the meridians will be at “high tide” according to the time order. That means at that time, the meridian gets the most exuberant qi and blood. Therefore, it is suggested to do the healing and treatment for different organs based on the time order, which can get twice the result with half the effort. This is the relationship between meridians, organs and time.

There’s a circulation of energy, or qi, through the meridians in the body to keep you healthy. However, illness would be brought on if the circulation is interrupted. In traditional treatment, pressing acupuncture points can clear blockages in these meridians.

Organ clock and five

The Meridian clock is a very useful tool for the diagnosis and treatment of energy imbalances. You can use Meridian frequencies to improve the activity in a meridian at certain times. With Spooky2, you can experiment with remote mode by creating a preset for these meridians running at the proper time. Searching meridian in the Programs tab will help you find all these meridian programs.

The following are the pictures of the 12 Meridians, and each one has their own frequencies:

• LUNG 2287Hz (3 am – 5 am)

The liver delivers fresh blood to the lungs, and the fresh blood is sent to the body through the lungs. Therefore, people feel energetic in the morning.


• LARGE INTESTINE 4230Hz (5 am – 7 am)

The lungs fill the body with sufficient fresh blood to promote the large intestine into an excitatory state, allowing it to complete the process of water and nutrient absorption and defecation.

Large Intestine

• STOMACH 126.9Hz (7 am – 9 am)

At this time, breakfast is easy to be digested and absorbed.


• SPLEEN 264.9Hz (9 am – 11 am)

The spleen regulates digestion, absorption, and excretion, and has powerful functions of blood filtration and blood storage.


• HEART 289Hz (11 am – 1 pm)

The heart pushes the blood to run and raises the spirit. Nap during this period is good for raising your spirit and boosting your energy.


• SMALL INTESTINE 316Hz (1 pm – 3 pm)

The small intestine adjusts the nutrition of the day.

Small Intestine

• BLADDER 343.8Hz (3 pm – 5 pm)

Proper activities improve the body fluid circulation.


• KIDNEY 383.7Hz (5 pm – 7 pm)

The kidney begins to store essence. At this time, it is not suitable for too much exercise or a lot of water.


• PERICARDIUM 477Hz (7 pm – 9 pm)

Be sure to keep a good mood at this time. You can read a book, listen to music, go to a SPA, dance, or play Tai Chi to relax and release stress.


• TRIPLE HEATER 496Hz (9 pm – 11 pm)

If a person sleeps during this time, he can get the best rest, which is very beneficial to the body.

• GALL BLADDER 506.8Hz (11 pm – 1 am)

When a person falls asleep during this time, the gallbladder can complete the metabolism. Poor bile acid metabolism is prone to form gallstones.


• LIVER 1032Hz (1 am – 3 am)

During this time, the human body needs a lot of oxygen, which requires a deep sleep.


Scientists have found that the Meridian points provide a good electrical path to the target organ. And applying frequencies at the Meridian points improve results. Now, with Spooky2 Rife machine you can receive meridian frequencies easily. You can set up meridian healing frequencies with three simple steps:

Firstly, launch Spooky2 Software and select “Healing (R) – JW” shell preset.

Secondly, go to the Programs Tab, type “meridian” in the search box. Then you can choose the appropriate frequency program according to the meridian clock.

Thirdly, go to the Control Tab to load and run this program.

Or you can simply run Meridian Clock (R) – CK in the Presets tab.

Meridian Clock (R) - CK

Another very good way of applying frequencies to the Meridian points is Acupuncture. A spooky2 Cold laser is a non-invasive form of acupuncture. The laser does not pierce the skin. For example, you can run lung-healing programs on Lung Meridian points using a cold laser, and it will work more effectively.

Have you tried Spooky2 to apply frequencies at the meridian points? Welcome to share your experience with us!

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  1. a very interesting article and very well presented

  2. Why don’t I have the combined 7 chakras and meridians preset in my version of the spooky software? I have the most recent version.

    1. Hi, you need yo download DH frequency preset from this website firstly:
      And then search the keyword “chakras” on the Presets tab and you will find the relevant presets to run:)

  3. can meridians may cause chronic fatigue and pain if there is something wrong wiyh them? how about circadian rythyms?

    Steve Bautista
    1. Yes, of course it will. Some meridians are related to your energy level, so please have a try Spooky2 Meridian frequencies:)

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