Dear friends,

We always try our best to make learning Spooky2 easy for our users. Already we have made training videos for both hardware and software. However, right now, they are only in English. To make the videos to other non-English speaking countries, we are looking for volunteers to do voice-overs.

For examples of our training course videos, please check these links:

Spooky2 Hardware Training Course

Spooky2 Software Training Course

For voice-overs, all we need is the audio file in your language. Our girls will replace the English audio with the new language. Any audio recording device can be used to record. MP3 is our preferred format. Our girls have made English transcriptions for the videos. This will make the voice-overs much easier. If you decide to help, we will send the English transcriptions to you.

Here is a finished video in Polish as example:
Please notice the background music was added from our side.

We also need volunteers to translate our websites and brochures. The link to our brochure is here:
Sebastien Mercier,Laurence and Lionel Levi have also translated French version of the brochure.

We already have mirror websites in the following languages languages:

Polish by Roman Nowak
French by Sebastien Mercier
Italian by Marcello Allegretti
Portuguese by Jose' Cassago
Greek by Argyrios Argyropoulos

If you want to be a volunteer to help people of other countries, please send an email to Please tell us the language you can translate to, and what you would like to translate.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best of health,