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What Are the Differences Between Analyse and Analyse+ Button? 4

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Recently many people have questions about the differences between Analyse and Analyse+ button in the biofeedback pane. This article will explain the details of the two buttons.

Analyse and Analyse+ Button-1

“Analyse” or “Analyse+” allows you to reanalyze your scan results and get more biofeedback scan hits.

Take GX BFB scan as an example, there are 3 detecting methods for GX BFB scan: Angle, Current, and Angle +Current. In the default GX BFB scan preset, the hits are based on the Current value. You can also get new hits according to the Angle, or Angle+Current values.

If you select Angle, click Analyse button and open a previous biofeedback scan file, you will get 10 new hits from the Angle value. (The number of hits depends on the Max Hits to Find you set.

Analyse and Analyse+ Button-2

Analyse+ button can give you more hit frequencies than the Analyse button. If you choose Angle or Current, and then click Analyse+ button, you will get 20 hits for both Angle and Current values. You can get 30 hits for all the 3 detecting methods by choosing Angle+Current (10 for Angle, 10 for Current, and 10 for Angle+ Current).

Analyse and Analyse+ Button-3

Note: “Angle”, “Current”, and “Angle+ Current” are detecting ways for GX BFB scan. “BPM” and “HRV” are used for Pulse scan.

Try it out and please share your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for the article.

    Honestly I still don’t understand the difference between the scanning option current and angle. I did watch the GenX BFB Scan Tutorial on Youtube and placed my question there but got no answer. I understand current as a flow in a flat terrain. Angle includes the distances high or low in the terrain. This is my current understanding. I wonder what kind of impact has it on the scan results. Does it mean that some work better than others? Or some don’t work at all?

    Also how much value has the analyzed results? How shall we go about the results – if we want to detect the unwanted bugs in us. Does it also shows conditions or just pathogens?

    1. Hi, Sonja. Angle+current has both the ability to pull duplicate frequencies from the other two analysis methods, but also has the ability to pull frequencies that are unique — culling frequencies that responded well in both categories, but not necessarily enough to make the top 10 using the other two methods of analysis. Here describes the influence on the scan results: https://www.spooky2support.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002149534

  2. Hello
    What is RA stand for in “Value is ( xxxx ) / RA *100” ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Sébastien. RA stands for ‘Running Average’.

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