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What Are the Differences Between Pulse Scan and TENS GX Scan? 7

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Most people can relate to the Pulse technique because of heart functions, but a little lost understanding an advanced technique represented in the GX Biofeedback.

Today, we will compare the Pulse scan with GX TENS scan, and elaborate on the differences between them.

What is Pulse Scan?

The Pulse uses the heart rate to monitor the body’s response to that frequency.

Under ideal conditions, the only variable of change should be the frequency, but this is not the case. Most individual’s heart rate changes with normal body movements. Thus, when you do a pulse scan, you should try to keep your body still so that you can get more accurate results.

Pulse can be used to discover frequencies which can calm the body (healing) and get rid of pathogens (killing). Since the body is the detector as observed by changes in the heart rate, one can use this form of biofeedback to interrogate how the body responds to any frequency. We base our assessment under the model that any frequency that caused the body some form of stress resulted in an increase in heart rate; and its corollary, that any frequency that caused the body to calm, a decrease in heart rate.

What is GX TENS Scan?

The GX provides the current/phase angle method of detecting resonance. This method is not monitoring the body’s response, instead looking for frequency resonance directly from the area subjected to the current.

During a biofeedback scan, GeneratorX records how the electrical signal behaves. A brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected.

There are two different ways that GeneratorX measures the change.

1. Current flow. This is like water running in a river. Normally this is constant. But if the level of the water rises, the flow increases. GeneratorX measures this flow rate.

2. Phase angle. If you are walking with your child, normally they are at your side. But if you start walking over rough terrain, the child will fall behind. Phase angle is like the distance between yourself and your child. The terrain is everything between the TENS pads. GeneratorX measures when the terrain is rough or smooth.

Some biofeedback systems can measure one or the other, but not many do both. And none can reach the dizzying speeds of GeneratorX.

What Are the Differences Between Pulse Scan and GX TENS Scan?

Through the above analysis, we can find that the functions of GX and the XM are essentially the same if you run them to generate frequencies which are monitored by using the Pulse biofeedback method.

The major difference between an XM and GX TENS scan preset is the selection of what method to use — BPM/HRV vs. Current/Angle. Of course, one will want to tweak the ranges according to match the method, so this is the second major difference. Otherwise most other variables could be the same.

In terms of the usage, Pulse scan is more suitable for scanning your whole body while GX was recommended for local scan. The time of running GX is faster than Pulse. It takes about 40 minutes to do a Pulse scan and you can’t move in this process. However, it just takes 6 minutes to do a GX TENS scan and you can do something you want.

These two scan methods have their own advantages and limitations, and you can choose it according to your own needs.

For more details, you can check this link: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11155

What’s your feeling of doing Pulse Scan or GX scan? Which method do you prefer? Comment below and share your experience.

Most of the content on this blog originated from Jeff Kaczor and Ed Von.
Special thanks to them.

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  1. I only use the pulse scan and it works very well. I get exact diagnostics. This is true in practice. It’s just slow. Since February 2018, the pulse scan has not worked properly.
    I have to work with the software version of August 2017!
    John would have to use the pulse scan 2017 software again in the 2018 programs. This is very important.
    I only use the GX as a generator. Never to do scans.

    Brohé Jean-Pierre
    1. Dear Brohé Jean-Pierre, you can e-mail us: [email protected]. or talk online from our website. Our service lady will help you check.

  2. This does not give me confidence to purchase the Generator X for a biofeedback diagnostic tool. I thought ok if its good for narrowing down a bunch of frequencies that are too numerous to do in one scan ok. Because blood tests show I have EBV ( which of the 60?) Strep Virus ( too many to count on the spooky) and HV 1 and 6 and one Lyme co factor. I really want to tackle the EBV first. How? How do I know which one? I go to a clinic that uses the Spooky. I am always picking frequencies by muscle testing. 2 days later after rcvg frequencies I am layed up in bed with achy flu like symptoms? Why is this?
    What are some after you rife protocols one should do in order to not have these “processing” symptoms. I do infrared sauna directly after rife. I take epsom salt baths. How much water should one drink to flush?
    Thank you

  3. I first purchased XM generators. I used it to do a biofeedback scan with good results of the treatment , had a flu bug and had been sick for a week. Felt better right away. Then I purchased Gen X because I was having a problem scann8ng myself without moving. I also feel this does a good biofeedback scan and treatment : it is easier to use but would like to hear more people’s comments on both. Can you use either for PEMF and laser? I have been using GenX to run contact and remote programs with good results.

    1. Hello, Heidi! Firstly we are appreciated for your kind sharing and good reviews.Yes both XM and GX can run PEMF and cold laser mode.For XM generator, you can connect cold laser to out1 and PEMF coil to out2, but you need to choose Cold laser preset for them. For generatorX, you can run the preset separately.

  4. Can the GX also do a Pulse Scan if you want?

    1. Hi, yes, GX can be used to do a Pulse Scan. We call it as GX Tens Scan. You can know more details about this bfb scan from this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-do-gx-tens-scan/
      Any other questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you at any time:)

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