Step I Save to Database.
1. When the scan ends, and shows the scan results, click on Save button. A "Create Program" page would surface.
2. Put a name, which is easy for you to search i.e., Scan Kate 20170706.
3. You will see the frequencies entered in the frequency area/square.
4. If you wish, you can enter text at the additional notes.
5. Click on Save button. Click yes, when it asks are you sure you want to save and exit.
6. Spooky 2 will reload databases automatically. Then you can see your scan results in the CUST databases in Programs tab.

Step II Reverse Lookup and run your scan results.

Reverse Lookup
You can check what the frequency is stands for by reverse lookup. The reverse lookup is based on loose matching simple math, so it can not be diagnosed.

This blog post shows what is reverse lookup:
Understanding Biofeedback Scans Lookup

Run your scan results
1. Choose JW Killing Preset and choose the applicable mode (plasma, contact, remote).
2. Go to Programs tab, search name of your scan results and double click to choose it. You will see the scan's name in the Loaded Program Pane.
3. Go to Control tab, tick allow generator overwrites, click on a pink generator button. 4. Press start. The channel button will turn green.

This blog post shows how to best use of scan results.

Why Do My Results Seem Different Most Times I Scan?

Thanks for Melly Banagale