Reverse Lookup is perhaps the most widely misunderstood aspect of Spooky2’s biofeedback feature.

Spooky Pulse and GeneratorX biofeedback were never designed to be a diagnostic tool. A diagnosis is useful only to a health professional, not to me or you. Most doctors require it only to look up drugs in their directories which can be used for it.

In other words, a diagnosis is a stepping-stone to a written prescription for a medication or treatment.

Spooky biofeedback skips this step altogether and provides the prescription directly, written by your own body – the frequencies found by your scan.

Reverse Lookup doesn’t provide any sort of a diagnosis. What it actually does is to search the Spooky2 database to find frequencies within the tolerance you specify.

There are certain structures and systems that are common to many pathogens - cells walls and receptors are examples - and certain frequencies target such structures rather than specific organisms.

This means that such frequencies are common to a great many programs, and if such a frequency is found in your scan, Reverse Lookup will return every program that contains the frequency. This does NOT mean you have all the pathogens listed. It only means that the frequency which your body responded to was also found in other programs in the database. A result showing Cancer only shows that the frequency was also found in a Cancer program within the database. If a frequency is not in the database, you would not see any results.

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