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What is Spooky’s Tissue Factor? Leave a comment

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The Tissue Factor alters the DNA, Molecular Weight and Base Pair frequencies in the Spooky Database. This compensates for the slower speed that signals pass through tissue in contact mode or plasma.

At an atomic level, the speed of light is absolute, but the propagation (travelling) speed of signals through tissue is slower. The DNA, MW and BP database entries are derived through calculation using scales on a molecular level. Since these frequencies are theoretical and use the speed of light in their calculation, it makes sense to add a factor to these frequencies if the signal has to pass through tissue to compensate.

The signals from Spooky Remote do not pass through tissue, so this factor should not be applied when doing remote treatments.

The Tissue Factor is for experimental use only. Only the DNA, MW and BP databases have the Tissue Factor applied. All other databases are unaltered, even if this factor is enabled.

Tissue Factor

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