We have recently released new Spooky Plasma, which has lots of wonderful improvements.

This post will help you understand the differences and choose between Spooky Plasma and Spooky Central.

1. Spooky Plasma only has plasma mode. There are no ultrasonic, PEMF coil or contact modes, making connection and operation much easier. Spooky Central has 4 frequency transmission modes, plasma, ultrasonic, PEMF coil and contact.
2. Spooky Plasma has quieter fans making longer treatments less intrusive. And the fans will automatically stop 30 seconds after programs are finished. The fans in Spooky Central will not stop until you turn off Spooky Central.
3. Spooky Plasma is made more robust. The inputs can be between 5 volts and 20 volts. The inputs of Spooky Central can only be 5 volts.
4. Spooky Plasma has improved shielding for the input signals.

Plasma and Central