Ever wonder about the Square H Bomb and what it is? Why does it use a wave cycle multiplier of 16? What makes it potentially more potent than the standard square wave?

Well, the Square H Bomb is simply, a custom waveform made up of square waves.

Visually it looks like an H, hence the name.

It has potency, hence the bomb nomenclature added to the end.

It is made up of 16 cycles. Since square waves have a duty cycle of 50% by default, this waveform also is on half the time, and off the other half of the time. This means 8 of the 16 cycles will be nothing.

Note the first 4 cycles and the last 4 cycles of the waveform is nothing. There is your 50% off portion of the waveform.

The 8 remaining cycles in the center are as follows:

1 square wave at full amplitude, which acts like a spike.

6 square waves at 1/4 the amplitude, this is the nominal amplitude of the waveform.

1 square wave again at full amplitude, which also acts like a spike.

Thus if you set the amplitude to 20v, the spikes will be at 20, but the rest of the waveform will be at 5v.

When you say transmit 1600 Hz, the generator will only show 100 Hz, because for every cycle the generator sings this waveform, 16 cycles are being produced. 100 times 16 = 1600.

Now while a simple square wave would just go up and down 1600 times a second, this is what happens with the Square H Bomb.

It will be silent for 4 cycles, then wham, you get a spike at full power, followed by 6 cycles at 1/4 the amplitude, then wham another spike at full power, followed by 4 more cycles of silence.

This pattern will repeat 100 times within a second for a total of 1600 cycles which results in our 1600 Hz (or 1600 cycles a second).

Pathogens get hammered, detox frequencies have more stop starts and power variations to dislodge toxins, etc.

Thanks for Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/725480674280505/