When you scan using GX, and try to get a reverse lookup, sometimes you fail to get any or very few results returned. There are four main reasons why this happens.

1. GeneratorX scans a much higher frequency range than the programs contained within the database.
2. The % Tolerance may be set too low.
3. The database is incomplete.
4. Only matches in the Main database are reported.
5. Include Octaves was not selected

For example, let us assume you got a biofeedback hit of 6 Mhz. Just because there is no reverse lookup report does not mean that the hit in the 6 MHz range is not the frequency you should be using. The signal response has already indicated that cellular resonance has been found.

Let me give you an analogy.

You read the NYT best seller list, and decide you want to get a copy of a book on the list.

You head down to the local library and ask for a copy to borrow.

They say they have never heard of this book.

That does not mean the book does not exist and can be read.

Only that the library has yet to get a copy and put it in their "database".

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor