Using Rife technology to deal with serious diseases, like cancer, Lyme and Morgellons, isn't a simple case. Take treating cancer for example, it is not simply a matter of killing cancer cells. There's much more to it than that. Cancer cells produce many poisonous byproducts as they furiously reproduce.

When you kill a cancer cell, it's likely to rupture and release its toxic contents. At best, it may retain cell wall integrity until nature and time take over. At which point it spills its poisons. So, depending on the extent of the cancer, and the rate at which you kill it, you're going to have countless dead cancer cells in your body, all of them carrying – or leaking – poison.

While our healthy cells are constantly dying and being replaced, these are not filled with toxins, and they're not all dying at the same time, so our body systems can deal with this natural process without problems.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife treated his cancer patients for five minutes a day every third day. He limited his treatments in this way so as not to overwhelm patients with toxins from killed cells, and to allow their body systems and organs enough time to deal with the cleanup of the destruction his treatment had achieved.

There's a very good reason for what he did: toxic overload can shut down the liver and kidneys very quickly, and can even kill. At that time, only killing frequencies existed – detox and support frequencies came later.

So you have to get all this dangerous rubble out of the body as quickly as possible. And you do that by using detox frequencies. Doing this prevents the pollutants from settling, and keeps them moving so that they enter the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and the intestines. And this is where the next problem arises.

The eliminatory system consists of the liver, the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs, and the skin, but only the first two need concern us here. Even a healthy body would find it difficult and damaging to try to cope with an internal tidal wave of toxins like this, so a body weakened by cancer and the ravages of certain other treatments would be brought under great strain - unless the liver, kidneys, and intestines were actively supported.

And then there's the problem of managing the pain of cancer without further poisoning the body.

So dealing effectively with cancer isn't just one single job of killing cancer cells. It's actually four tasks, all of them vital - killing, detox, support, and pain control. To learn how to setup multiple generators simultaneously, please check here.