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Welcome to our Virtual Meditation Challenge! As you may know, mindfulness can have a positive effect on our bodies both mentally and physically, helping reduce stress and control anxiety. Join us for a rejuvenating virtual meditation experience to help you find inner peace and relaxation and earn rewards for consistent practice. The more you meditate, the more chances you have to win exciting prizes

Register for the Virtual Meditation Challenge.


Participate in meditation sessions at your own pace throughout the challenge period. You can use our provided background music or your own choices.


Each time you participate, mark your attendance by clicking the "Check-In" button below.


Accumulate check-ins to increase your chances of winning.



We recommend a minimum meditation duration of 20 minutes or more per session to fully immerse yourself in the practice and reap its benefits effectively.

The daily check-in limit for the Meditation Challenge is set at 5 times per day.
Enhance your meditation experience with soothing background music. We have curated a selection of six calming tracks to accompany your practice. Simply choose your preferred track and let the harmonious melodies guide you to a deeper state of relaxation.

Brain Wave Quantum Healing Therapy

Experience profound tranquility with Brain Wave Quantum Healing Therapy's meditation background music. These harmonious melodies are designed to relax your mind, reduce stress, and promote inner healing and well-being.

Play Time: 24”58’

Emotional Release

Dive into a journey of emotional healing and release with this soothing meditation track. Let it help you confront and let go of negative emotions, allowing you to find inner peace.

Play Time: 15”21’

Memories Unveiled

Allow the gentle melodies of this meditation music to trigger cherished memories and guide you on a path of self-discovery. Embrace your past as you find solace in the present.

Play Time: 19”42’

Healing Serenity

Embark on a healing meditation experience that encourages you to leave behind pain and embrace your true self. Feel the warmth of self-love as you relax into serenity.

Play Time: 23”22’

Nature's Awakening

Awaken your senses with the tranquil sounds of nature in this early morning meditation. Renew your hope, expand your horizons, and bask in the peaceful, distant beauty of the natural world.

Play Time: 14”22’

Heartfelt Relaxation

Let the melodious, soothing notes of this meditation music help you let your guard down and release pent-up emotions. Rediscover the feeling of love and find comfort in a warm embrace of relaxation.

Play Time: 16”56’


To appreciate your dedication to mindfulness, here are the rewards you can earn

Awarded for Awarded for the most check-ins
One Set of Heawea Microgen Valued $495
Awarded for the second most check-ins
One Set of Spooky2 Portable Starter’s Kit Valued $345.69
Awarded for the third most check-ins
One Set of MiraMate Mini Magic Valued $219


1.To be eligible for the first-place prize, participants must check in daily and actively engage in meditation sessions throughout the challenge.

2.Each place will have only one winner. The winner shall be an eligible participant with the most check-ins for the place.

3.In a tie, the participant with the smallest ID will be the winner of the contesting place, and the other participant(s) will be eligible for the next highest place. (ID indicates the initial check-in time. The earlier the first check-in, the smaller the ID.)

4. All participants who have checked in for more than 7 days during the challenge will be awarded 1000 membership points.

Track your progress on our leaderboard, and see how other participants are doing in the challenge.
213Nicco Nainehta276
300Dennis Pearson 276
156Olev Müür255
22Customer Support245
218Rhonda Collins204
264Sheila Audi204
182Renee Wilson174
176Sharlene Dufford164
Home Page34567Last Page46 Pages In Total
NameMeditation Insights
Mireya Esquedacalm
Julie UreIt's reminded me that I need to continue to meditate on a daily basis
AmyThe challenge is creating consistency with daily meditation.
Zoltan Kuruczmy meditations have become regular, it helps me maintain a state of calm
Dawn ReidI am able to set more specific intentions per each meditation session to enhance the flow of my day.
Home Page34567Last Page11 Pages In Total
Share Your Meditation Experiences
Encourage your friends and family to join the challenge! Share it on social media using the hashtag #Spooky2MeditationChallenge to earn points. Enter Spooky2 Membership Program.

1.How can I prepare for the session?

To prepare, find a quiet and comfortable space, wear comfortable clothing, and ensure you have a stable internet connection and headphones.

2.How do I check in for a session?

Click the "Check-In" button on the event page when you participate in a meditation session.

3.When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced on October 29, 2023, at 7:00 PM (UTC+8). The deadline for check-ins is 12:00 PM (UTC+8) on October 29th.

4.What is the daily check-in limit for the Meditation Challenge?

The daily check-in limit for the Meditation Challenge is set at 5 times per day. This allows participants to engage mindfully while maintaining a fair and balanced experience for all.

5.How do we calculate the correct check-in count?

We calculate a valid check-in when the time gap between each check-in is more than 20 minutes. If the interval is less than 20 minutes, it is counted as a single check-in record. This method ensures that check-ins reflect meaningful meditation practice.

If you encounter any issues or have questions before or during the event, please feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected].