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Which payment method do you accept?
Why can't I make payment by credit card?
What is the warranty?
How To Order Spooky2 Products
Will you give me a discount when I purchase?


What is the estimated delivery time?
Do you ship to Canada?

Power Supply

Does Spooky2 rife machine work with 240VAC or 110VAC?

Which Kit to Choose

For a Spooky2 beginner, which kit should I get started from?

Spooky2 Software

What kind of Laptop/Computer do I Need to run Spooky2 Software?

Spooky2-XM Generator

Is the Spooky2-XM generator enough for treatment?
Can I do the biofeedback scan using XM generator?

Spooky2 GeneratorX

What's the Difference Between GeneratorX (GX) and the XM Generator?

Spooky2 Plasma

Can the Spooky2 straight plasma tube be used with the GenX?
Can plasma tube work with Spooky2 xm generator or Spooky2 generatorX?
What's the Difference Between Spooky Plasma and Spooky Central?
What Are the Advantages of Spooky2 Plasma?
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