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Easy Access to the World’s Most Comprehensive Frequency Database

Frequency solution is a novel way to resolve numerous conditions. The natural energy field can restore good-health.

Frequency Heals has advanced audio solution to a new level. Access thousands of healing frequencies that cover a wide range of health conditions, from emotional issues to physical discomfort.

Whether you’re looking to boost your overall health or address a specific ailment, Frequency Heals is the perfect tool to help you on your journey toward wellness.

Comprehensive Database

The human body energy field plays a very important role in our health. Everything is energy, everything in our existence is connected to a field of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

Frequency Heals scientifically applies Royal Rife frequencies.
It contains more than 10,000 pure frequencies for over 2,500 different health problems.

Frequency Heals can play healing music to adjust the vibrations of your cells, helping them work in harmony. When all your cells resonate together, they become coherent, giving you the energy and confidence to achieve more than you can imagine.

Convenient Daily Use

Frequency Heals allows you to browse through a variety of healing music with ease. We have organized a few playlists to give you effortless access to the most popular tunes. You can also search for the perfect track that resonates with you.

Organized lists include:
* Recommend
* Solfeggio
* Energy
* Emotion
* Sleep
* Magic Pro

Embark on your frequency healing journey with these organized lists designed for your quick start. These comprehensive lists encompass a wide array of health concerns, including anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and more.

Within the Magic Pro list, you’ll find four specially crafted healing tracks tailored specifically to complement the capabilities of Magic Pro – a remarkable full-body PEMF machine. These audio tracks address various prevalent health issues and are meticulously created based on the latest research and insights in the field of frequency healing.

Custom Binaural Beats

You can customize binaural beats and create your own healing frequency.

Here is a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with binaural beats:

When playing two different sound frequencies in each ear, your brain perceives the difference as a single tone, creating a beat or pulse in the head. This beat has therapeutic effects such as reducing anxiety, improving focus, and promoting relaxation.

You can customize your own exclusive frequency to stimulate desired brain waves. Set the frequencies for each ear, and the run duration. You can save your personal frequency data for future use.

Membership and Referral

After successful registration, you will receive a trial period to try the Frequency Heals app for free. You can subscribe to extend your membership after the trial expires. If you successfully invite a friend to register with your referral link, you will receive an extra 14 days of subscription to your account.


How to download the app?
You can either click the icons above or search “Frequency Heals” in App Store or Google Play to download the app.

How to log in?
You will automatically log in after successful registration. If not, you can reopen the app and type in your account and password on the interface to log in.

How to unsubscribe?
Please refer to our Auto-Renewal Agreement to check the specific steps for iOS and Android.

Is there a free trial?
Yes. After successful registration, you will receive a free trial period.

How can I contact customer support?
Please send your inquiry to [email protected].

How to register?
When you first start the app, you will find a “Create an account” in the lower left corner. Tap it and follow the instructions to register a Frequency Heals account.

How to subscribe?
Log in to the Frequency Heals App, navigate to the “Personal” section, and select the “Buy Membership” option. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions, and upon successful payment, you will be automatically subscribed to the App for the selected period.

How to play the music I want?
Tap a track, and it will start playing.

How to find a specific frequency?
In the “Programs” tab, type keywords in the search box to find related frequencies.

How can I refer a friend?
In the “Personal” tab, tap “My Referrals,” and tap “Share” to send your friends your referral link.

Frequency Heals

Frequency Heals has advanced audio solution to a new level.

Try Frequency Heals app now. Experience for yourself the power of frequency solution.

You are one step away from a new you.