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Must Read for Spooky2 Users

Hi Friends,

Those of you who are seasoned Rifers won’t need to to be told this story, but our many new users need to know it.

John Crane was the man who really developed contact electrode transmission for Dr. Rife’s technology. Because his work enabled the production of cheaper machines, he was watched constantly by agents in the employ of those who stood to lose much.

One day, he got a request to visit a person and enter the correct settings for their machine. He was happy to oblige.

On stepping out of the apartment, he was immediately arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor. He was found guilty, and served a long jail sentence.

If John Crane had been a licensed health professional, this couldn’t have happened – because such professionals are legally allowed to “treat,” have “patients,” and offer medical advice. And no one else can legally do these things, not even the world’s foremost Rife expert.

In most of the western world, this is current law.

So we need our new users to understand clearly that what we do is develop superior Rife and energy medicine systems. We will develop general protocol guidelines for using our system to deal with some common problems, but legally, this is as far as we can go.

Specifically, we do NOT – and cannot – operate as any kind of an imagined one-to-one treatment or advice facility because the law states that this is proscribed territory for all but licensed professionals – and no member of the Spooky Team is a licensed health professional.

So the bottom line is this: if you make a specific request like this, in the eyes of the current law you are asking someone to “impersonate a doctor.” If that someone happens to be a member of the Spooky Team, and legal action follows, that’s the end of the Spooky Team. And the end of Spooky2.

Thankfully, however, the Team already had this discussion a couple of years ago and agreed our policy: no one-to-one interaction for anything other than technical support and advice can be entered into.

All of this “legality” is, of course, to “protect” people from “unscrupulous quacks.” Last time I checked, I couldn’t find any deaths officially attributed to such a cause. But depending on whose research paper you consult, allopathic medicine is listed as either the leading cause of death in the USA (Dr. Gary Null), or the third leading cause (Dr. Barbara Starfield).

Caveat emptor.

So please don’t ask for something we’re not permitted to deliver.


Spooky2 Team