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MiraMate PEMF Kit Big Sale

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MiraMate provides two chakra healing devices to help users relieve pain and injury, including Big Magic and Mini Magic, to help stimulate tissue growth and repair, enhance cell function, and moderate some neurodegenerative diseases.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or acute pain, the gentle pulsed electromagnetic waves in the chakra healing kit will soothe your pain and revitalize you back to health.

Safe and Effective Pain Relief
Start your pain relief journey today! With Big Magic & Mini Magic, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your pain. This is a non-drug solution to pain relief.

$759.00 $889.00


MiraMate provides two PEMF devices to help users relieve from pain and injury, including Mini Magic and Big Magic.

What is included in this kit:
Mini Magic Pulse Unit x 1
Single Coils x 1
Coil Tester for Mini Magic x 1
5V DC Power Adapter for Mini Magic x 1
Velvet Bag to protect Mini Magic x 1
Big Magic Main Unit x 1
Big Magic Deluxe Mat x 1
Coil Tester for Big Magic x 1
5V Power Adapter for Big Magic x 1
Portable Storage Bag x 1
User Manual x 1

MiraMate Mini Magic. Providing Relief from Pain and Injury.

Mini Magic is a new portable PEMF device designed to reduce pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime. A small blessing to people suffering from acute conditions. Discrete, stylish, and easy to use, Mini Magic can be used daily with confidence. If you can flick a switch, you can use Mini Magic.

True beauty is more than skin deep. Beneath the smooth glossy exterior of the Mini Magic hides the real magic – a miniature computer that calculates perfectly timed magnetic pulses, helping your body overcome injury and illness.

Studies by NASA and countless other research groups have discovered that precise pulse timing is critical for success. Subtle energies have more healing power than PEMF systems which use brute force. Fortunately, the complex electronics in Mini Magic do all the work – all you need to do is turn it on.

Mini Magic has been designed to be delightfully portable. Enjoy full freedom of movement while your body recovers. Wear Mini Magic while driving, working, shopping and sleeping. You can even wear Mini Magic while doing exercises. Mini Magic fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Mini Magic is absolutely safe to use – there is no “maximum dosage” or hidden danger through over-use. Even small children and animals can benefit from using Mini Magic. The caressing pulses from Mini Magic help your body heal itself in the way nature intended – in harmony.

How to Use Mini Magic

Technical Information of Mini Magic

Maximum Intensity:200 Gauss (with stacked coils)
Frequency Range:9.6 Hz
Power Levels:3
Max Program Duration: Unlimited
Power Supply:AC Adapter & 9V Battery
Warranty:12 months manufacturer warranty for Pulse unit, 3 months manufacturer warranty for coils.

(Warranty doesn’t cover water or physical damage.)

Mini Magic Single Coil:
Inner Diameter: 34.9mm
Outer diameter: 40mm
Cable length: 1.22m
Magnetic Strength: 200 Gauss (when coils are stacked)

A rechargeable battery or a battery bank is an effective way for Mini Magic to lengthen using time when you go out. They can increase the portability of Mini Magic and support you do a long time treatment.

You can use ZNTER 9V Lithium Battery for Mini Magic, which has been tested by our internal engineer. The battery bank requires a small amount of current to stay on, which varies depending on the battery bank. The battery bank for Mini Magic must be sensitive enough to detect current. Anker PowerCore 10000 is a battery bank recommended by most Mini Magic users.

Note: Single coils and Quad coils are the wear parts and consumables of Mini Magic, so we recommend replacing them every three months.

Get Relief from Chronic Conditions with Big Magic

Do you suffer from chronic conditions which interfere with the quality of your life?

Are you worried you’ll have to depend on medications for the rest of your life, pay for expensive and ongoing treatment, or even possibly undergo surgery?

Do you want to break free from chronic conditions and regain your quality of life and emotional well-being in a natural way which is harmonious with how your body works?

If you do, then our new PEMF device, Big Magic is what YOU need.

Whether it’s steady or intermittent, sharp or dull, or comes and goes without any apparent reason, chronic pain can have a big impact on the quality of your life, and your emotional well-being.

Big Magic combats this by giving you relief from the most common types of chronic pain, including:

✔️ Headache
✔️ Postsurgical pain
✔️ Post-trauma pain
✔️ Lower back pain

✔️ Cancer pain
✔️ Arthritis pain
✔️ Neurogenic pain
✔️ Psychogenic pain

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain due to a past injury or a health condition, the gentle pulsed electromagnetic waves in Big Magic will soothe your pain and revitalize you back to health.

Here are all the benefits Big Magic offers you:
1. Gives you relief from intense pain and spasms over large areas of your body.
2. Soothes joints which ache and vibrate incessantly from chronic pain.
3. Enjoy greater flexibility, strength, and stamina whilst undertaking your daily tasks and activities.
4. Wake up feeling more rested each morning as you’ll experience less sleep disturbance.
5. Start doing simple things again like getting dressed or brushing your hair free from pain.

Although most people go down the usual route of taking medication, they still live their lives in discomfort and suffer from the side effects of their medication.

Instead of having to rely on over-the-counter pain relievers, opioid pain relievers or even surgery, PEMF therapy offers a safe and effective alternative to treat chronic pain, which has helped many sufferers of chronic pain to regain their quality of life.

How Does Big Magic Compare To Other PEMF Mats


How to Use Big Magic

Technical Information of Big Magic

Magnetic Strength6000 Gauss (Full Mat)
Maximum Intensity:80 Gauss
Frequency Range:7.83 Hz
Power Levels:2
Max Program Duration: Unlimited
Power Supply:USB & 5v AC Adapter
Warranty:1 year
Overall Width:510mm
Overall Height:630mm
Cable Length:2m

(The warranty doesn’t cover water or physical damage.)

Big Magic Deluxe Mat:
Overall width: 510mm
Overall height: 630mm
Thickness: 20mm
Cable length: 2m
Magnetic Strength: 6000 Gauss (Full Mat)

Note: Though the material of Big Magic Deluxe mat is waterproof, the mat itself can not be soaked into water.

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