Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

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This kit has everything you need to make the world’s top-grade nanoparticle colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is small silver particles suspended in a liquid. These particles are stable and suitable for external (skin) and internal use. Colloidal silver has long been used as local preservatives, disinfectants and fungicides.

Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit allows you to make your own high-quality colloidal silver which is fresher than most commercial products in the market.

We offer it at a price that won’t make your eyes water.

Note: The Spooky2 software requires Windows.

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Dear Spooky2 friends,
The price of raw materials has risen sharply due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, we have to readjust the prices of silver rods. Thank you for your understanding, and we will be eternally grateful for your support in the matter.

How to Use Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

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