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SAMA Webinar

SAMA is an acronym for Spooky2 Ask Me Anything, a program to teach you how to regain and optimize their health naturally.

We have launched three SAMA shows so far. They are respectively One on One with John, Natural Health Secrets and Coffee Time.

One on One with John: Previously referred to as SAMA. This is an interview style program that features a SAMA Expert every week, answering your questions in their area of expertise. It started on the Spooky2 Rife system, and then expanded to broader Rife and health topics. It provides valuable information for living a happy, healthy and balanced life. John is the host.

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Natural Health Secrets: We created this short video program series to provide the necessary knowledge to the community, so we all can benefit from natural living in tune with the laws of nature and the universe. In the first three videos, our friend will introduce why we created this program, the purpose of life, and explain what condition actually is. After that, he will spend 3-5 minutes each time exploring the Natural healing ways for a specific condition.

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Coffee TimeThis program will broadcast live on Facebook and provide answers to your questions and concerns on Spooky2 software and hardware operation, Rife, frequency research and other alternative health methods. Each episode will last about 20 minutes. The host is our good friend Echo Lee. She will answer five questions collected in advance, and other several questions selected online.

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Coffee Time