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As we celebrate a decade of Spooky2, we reflect on the journey that began in 2013, fueled by a passion for empowering individuals worldwide in their pursuit of health and happiness. This milestone is a testament to our growth and the unwavering support of our valued community.

In 2023, we embarked on new avenues of holistic well-being by introducing both online and offline meditation sessions, coupled with the transformative practices of Hawaiian therapy. This endeavor aimed to guide individuals towards inner peace and happiness. Additionally, in September last year, we initiated a special gesture by including the book “The Essence of Happiness and True Freedom” with every order. We want to inspire and enrich lives and foster a sense of tranquility and liberation within our customers.

We are celebrating eleven years of empowering wellness and transforming lives. As we commemorate this anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers for their trust and loyalty. Let us make a toast to Spooky. Cheers to a brighter, healthier future ahead!

Spooky2 11th Anniversary Celebration

Time: From 9:00 a.m. April 1st to 6:00 p.m. April 30th, 2024 (UTC+8)

As always, we have planned many events for the Spooky2 11th Anniversary Sale.

Event I: Get Free Gifts, Exclusive Discounts, and Double Up Your Reward Points

During our Anniversary Sale, you will receive a Spooky2 Audio for every order placed during the sale, plus one of the following:
Orders $100 to $800: Energy-raising Bookmark
Orders up to $1500: Mantra Pendant
Orders up to $3000: Forehead thermometer
Orders over $3000: All of the above
Note: Order value does not include shipping fee.

Spooky2 Anniversary Special Kits: Enjoy UP TO 9% OFF

During the anniversary sale you can shop at Spooky2 and get up to 9% off your favorite Spooky2 kit!
Browse our anniversary kits today and bring better health to your home.

Spooky2-XM Generator Kits: Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit, Spooky2-XM Generator Portable Starter’s KitSpooky2 XM Generator Portable Essential Kit

Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro Kits: Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Remote Kit, Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit

Spooky2 Central Kits: Spooky2 Central Single Generator Kit, Spooky2 Portable Central GeneratorX Pro Kit

Spooky2 Scalar Kits: Spooky2 Scalar, Spooky2 Scalar GX Pro Essential Kit

5% OFF Full-Priced Items

In addition to free gifts with every order, Spooky2 will also offer 5% off all full-priced items during the anniversary. What a great time to add some accessories or a new generator to your existing Spooky2 setup!

Shop our accessories and generators today, and use the 5% OFF coupon when you check out!

Coupon Code: 11thanniv
Expiry date: April 30th, 2024

NOTE: The “5% off full-priced item” offer does not apply to sale items, i.e., Spooky2 Anniversary kits.

Purchase and Receive Double Membership Points

Purchases made during the Anniversary Sale will earn double membership points at spooky2-mall.com!

Recommend Spooky2 devices to your friends and receive 5,000 points for each friend you invite. Your friends can also take advantage of the sale. A better deal for both of you!

Not sure how to redeem your points or haven’t joined our membership program yet? Click to read more.

Event II: Sharing Your Understanding of Happiness

Last year, many received the book “The Essence of Happiness and True Freedom” in their packages. We intend to help you find peace of mind in addition to relieving your bodily discomfort because we know that physical illnesses are manifestations of mental, spiritual, and energy imbalances. The book, with profound wisdom and simple explanations, provides a fresh viewpoint on the human experience. Reading it already gives the reader a sense of peace and enlightenment, and applying its teachings will transform your life and health. Here are some thoughts shared by a user:

Whether you have read the book or not, we earnestly invite you to join us on the journey to true freedom and happiness. Visit our dedicated website to learn more.

You can earn points by watching the videos, writing your thoughts, etc. The points can be exchanged for coupons and used at checkout, including anniversary kits. Check out this page for details.

Event III: Spooky2 Coffee Time: 11th Anniversary Special Event

Episode 25: Spooky2 11th Anniversary Special Event
Date: Wednesday, April 24th
Time: 9:00 AM Nanjing (UTC+8)
Guests: John White and Echo Lee
Live Platform: Zoom and Facebook

Participants can share their stories with Spooky2 or people and things they are grateful for. There will also be an interactive Q&A session. During the live broadcast, we will draw five lucky participants to win prizes.

Possible Gifts:
HeaWea MicroGen                                        Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit
MiraMate Mini Magic                                   Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Kit
Mindful Audio                                                Spooky2 Sleep Shades Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Spooky2 Remote v2.0                                   Spooky2 Boost v3.1
15% OFF coupon                                            10% OFF Coupon

Event IV: Together for Good – Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation

Spooky2 is dedicated to helping everyone in need. Therefore, we have a “$3 program” in which we put $3 from every order into our charity fund, Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation. The fund works with international charity organizations in various areas, including animal rescue, environmental protection, healthcare, and education. We have donated and helped people and animals in Asia, Africa, America, and Australia.

We hope more individuals and organizations can join us along the way to promote the spirit of sharing and giving back to others. And for our 11th anniversary, we want to thank you for your continuous support and share your love with more people. We will give you a special coupon as a token of gratitude when you donate to our foundation during the anniversary. The coupon’s discount is equal to the amount of donation, and you can use it on our website. We will help you spread your love to more corners of the Earth.


  • There is no limit on the number and amount of donations. However, the maximum value of each coupon cannot exceed US$50.
  • The order value cannot be less than twice the coupon value.
  • The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or on anniversary kits.
  • The coupon will expire in May.

For your convenience, we have converted the Sale period to your local time zone:

  • New York, USA (UTC-4): 09:00 p.m.
  • Vancouver, Canada (UTC-7): 06:00 p.m.
  • Sydney, Australia (UTC+11): 12:00 p.m.
  • London, United Kingdom (UTC+1): 02:00 a.m.
  • Berlin, Germany (UTC+2): 03:00 a.m.

If you have any questions, please send an email to support@spooky2-mall.com. We are glad to help you out!