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Spooky2 brings back my sight miraculously

I heard about energy healing from a friend that sold for a different company. But the more I researched them more I was impressed with Spooky2 and the Rife technology so I purchase my first kit GenX starter kit. Shortly after receiving the kit I had an accident being hit in the face with debris traveling in a wind gust estimated at 65 miles an hour. The incident gouged both my eyes. By the time I could get medical treatment my right I was so severely infected I would have died. I was immediately put on multiple antibiotics and was expected to lose my eye. I healed and retained the eye but was completely blind. In the weeks that followed I retain some shapes from the grey that was my sight. I was told this was as good as it would get. I found several eyesight and healing protocols and started running my Spooky2 24/7. My next checkup saw much improvement. I could recognize shapes and some details. The doctor was amazed. Fast forward a few months and I can not only see they eye chart but can read several lines down. My doctor is floored saying with the amount of scaring he never thought I would see again. Today my sight is better than before the accident. I have to remove my glasses to read. Spooky2 is the best investment I ever made. My health continues to improve in all aspects.
Regards Susan

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Story Submission

Hi Support, thanks for all that you do!

here’s my story of sharing:

I’m just 2 weeks into my journey in using my 1st GenX and I’ve just ordered another XM before the anniversary offers ends 🙂

So Terrain is wonderful – I’m feeling the energy runs through the meridians along my spine 2 mins into it! As first I was sceptical on how a fingernail can send messages to my body, and now I’m convinced.

Which I suddenly understand why the ancient Chinese said in Feng Shui, the grave of your anchesters could affect the wellbeing of the offspring – probably something to do with the shared DNA thing.

I would love to share how I found Spooky2. So after a colonoscopy a tumor was found in my 72-year old Pa ‘s rectum area late Feb. We were devastated. I’m a trained Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner so my first research is to find “healing frequencies”, and then I watched the infamous TED talk of Anthony Holland.

In the comment section of this or other videos someone wrote about “Rife frequency” is what helped they recover from cancer. So as soon as I google it, the Google paid ads campaign of Spooky2 is really effective that since the ad keeps retargeting me on whatever blogs I read during my research, I can’t help but keep coming back to the spooky2 website and dig deep on what spooky2 has to offer:)

I was still very concerned about the cost and which model should I get in March, and a little voice inside me asked me to wait and see if there will be Easter offers. My intuition wouldn’t lie to me 🙂 I’m so grateful to be able to acquire this miraculous machine, one at a time.

I’d definitely save up to get a scalar to help my Pa recover soonest after allt he medical procedures, and meanwhile I’ll climb the learning curve soonest to educate myself all that this machine can benefit us.

The love and generous support of the Facebook community is superb – not something you can easily find elsewhere. Thank you for all that you do!

SH Lam, Hong Kong

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Ponny Lam

My experience using Spooky-2

What I have used.
Remote, Contact, GX,
Plasma with Coil, Contact, Ulrrasonic

I usually have been enjoyed experiencing a lot of frequencies by remote,
But this month, Spooky2 saved me from an ultimate danger to my brain nerves, so I would like to write a little about my experience.

When I took a bedrock bath on the 11th of this month, a considerable amount of sweat flowed from my head, probably due to the fact that I was lying face down with my chin on the bedrock. Afterwards, I took a break drinking sparkling water and a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, and then went into the hot spring lightly. Right after I got out of the hot spring, I had a nightmare. Suddenly, I felt like I was suffering from cerebral anemia. I was very surprised at what happened, because I was in good health and had no abnormalities in my body or mind until then.

As I am a healing practitioner, I diagnosed myself through physiological sessions, and found that I had cerebral anemia and lack of glycose, but the intracranial pressure continued to affect my eyes, and I had difficulty opening my eyelids in the morning, which caused cerebral anemia and a sudden drop in blood pressure. The nerve shock at that time may have disturbed the autonomic nervous system, affecting the oculomotor nerve, optic nerve, and blood vessels, causing aneurysms and varicose veins at the same time. I also had orthostatic hypotension, which meant I couldn’t sit in a chair and couldn’t look at the Internet or e-mail because of the damage to my ocular nerves. For a while, my intracranial fluid was pressing so hard inside my skull around my optic nerve that I didn’t feel like living in case my eyeball popped out.

During the first week of my symptoms, I went through 11 remote programs to put in possible frequencies. During that time, I analyzed my symptoms and put in the possible frequencies. I did a body scan that weekend, but since I was doing it remotely, I didn’t understand the vast array of responses, but the contact frequency by Spooky 2, hypotension, and nitric oxide frequencies worked well and helped me to improve the blood flow in my brain.

The second week after the symptoms started, I started the Spooky2 plasma and got it working. It had been a long time since I had purchased it, but I had tested it once and put it down.

When I tested it when I was healthy, I didn’t feel any physical reaction at all, but when I tested it when I had a problem with my body, my body reacted in such an amazing way The autonomic nervous system disease program I did with the plasma first worked well. I could also see that my intracranial fluid moved laterally within my skull while I was doing the plasma. The optic nerve, oculomotor nerve, aneurysms, varicose veins, etc. also all worked well for my body, and I am now in my fourth week with 11 remote units, and things are almost back to normal.

It was really helpful for me to make a lot of detailed programs of frequencies related to the brain and nerves. Thank you very much!

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Naoko Tanaka

Spooky2 is phenomenal for me and my friends



My name is GAiL StAiRS, and I have had Spooky2 for almost a year now. :))))))))

It has helped me do PHENOMENAL THiNGS!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD And I and so appreciative. You all are absolutely incredible. I would love to win this. A scalar machine, with a DNA digizer, and a colloidal silver maker being the prizes for the best video, would be soooooooo awesome. :)))))))) And help me to do so much more. I take colloidal silver every day 500 ppm. And it just helps absolutely everything work so much better :))))))))

And the digizer would help me to help more people, because I treat all of my friends! Haha 😀 And I make believers out of all of them :)))))))).

I Love Spooky2. And thank you for the opportunity to win this. It really would just make things even that much better. And I am so eager to keep going now :)))))))). I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. And I hope you enjoy what I’ve made. It it custom just for this contest, and for you all. I worked on it all month, and really, all year. :)))))))) THiS OPPROTUNiTY iS SUCH A BLESSiNG!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SPOOKY2!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SAViNG, AND CHANGiNG MY LIFE CONSTANTLY FOR THE BETTER!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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Spooky2 story from Germany

Hello Friends,

This is not a dramatic story and surely many more will be more important. In any case here it is. I was on a bike ride today as I tried to go between 2 stone blocks I hit my head on a sign that should have been higher but was not. My head hit the sharp edge of the sign and cut
my head quite long and a bit deep, I saw a bit of “white light” but maintained my balance and despite the bleeding I made it home a few
kilometers away. I was able to stop the bleeding and noticed my body was somewhat tense (I guess a type of shock). So I decided to enter shock in the search field of the Gen X. I selected “shock” a 30 minute protocol. I placed cistus essential oil (for stopping the bleeding) and vetiver (for shock) on the receiver coil. I went between the scalar field and did one round of 30 minutes and noticed that my body was relaxing and the pain area was “getting worked on” at the end of the first 30 minutes I felt quite a bit better and then I decided to do another 30 minute and interestingly my whole digestive system started to gurgle and buzz, the body adjusted as a re-run of the accident images came into the vision as thoughts. After the end of the second session bleeding had completely stopped, pain in the cut area of the scalp was just a very slight sensation. So my body came back from the chemical reaction and stabilized. So all this to say that there are a multitude of
possibilities to virtually all challenges people go through in what is called life.

With Kind Regards and Gratitude,

Bruce Jessop

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Bruce Jessop

Testimony of what spooky 2 did for me

Testimony of what spooky 2 did for me

I had a rife machine that I bought in South Africa and it helped me a lot Seeing that it did not have a remote it was a schlep A friend of mine told me about the spooky 2 but I did not think it was that good ,till another friend of mine explained everything to me Me being 83 years old was afraid that I would not be able to manage it , but I took the chance and bought 4 gen xm so that I could start with the M&L protocol The training on You tube is so fantastic that I am managing it very well. Then I bought a Gen X Then a scalar which is what every person should have Now I have a Miramate Ray Gun which healed all the scars on my face which the dermatologist could not do I had to go back time and again to have it burnt but it stayed ugly Now one can hardly see it Thanks Mr White, I congratulate u for what u mean to the world May the Lord bless you mightely

Ansonet de Wet

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Anso de Wet

Spooky story for the contest

Here is my story for submission -we’ve had spooky for probably around 2-3 years.

I remember when my herbalist first introduced us to this technology- I started listening to the free short frequencies on your website,….I
actually could feel a difference even with that. Then I started researching it…..and eventually we got one. I have lyme disease and initially was too weak/sensitive to use it, but I’ve been slowly able to increase it, I’m still only using Spooky in the remote mode. I’ve used if for my cat who had a severe UTI- with blood in her urine, we were worried her kidneys would end up shutting down- and it helped, she’s alive and seems to be okay. It’s helped my autistic sibling when he’s had meltdowns to get him out of them. Lately I’ve had lyme eye- blurry vision and lazy eye. The Eye Amblyopia, vision acuity and eyesight to improve frequency sets have been really helping. I am still frequency sensitive, and that has actually been helpful as I can tell what frequency really hits the spot. I used to have freeze responses- they originate from the nervous system being overwhelmed in a traumatic situation. The DH Sympathetic & parasympathetic Balance 0245, has really helped eliminate them. And that same preset is helpful for the odd lyme nervous system effects ….when you need to rest but you can’t take that
nap because you feel rather wired instead (essentially stuck in sympathetic activation)a unhealthy situation!……it has been very helpful to correct this. And actually with Lyme and being so very sensitive I really use the DH preset programs a lot they are gentle and I can feel symptomatic improvement while using them. I’ve used Mitochondrial correction 0199- for mitochondrial related fatigue (when you feel like a city with sweeping power outages, especially after mild/moderate exertion) and when you’re leg muscles are exhausted after merely climbing the stairs.

And for anyone else with frequency sensitivity:
Start with the DH Experimental Frequencies and start small. Don’t put yourself on multiple presets in one day, work up to it gradually. By what I’ve read this type of sensitivity is related to heavy metal toxicity- and it should gradually lesson when you lesson the load. If you are really quite ill & sensitive…have late stage lyme, by my experience I’d recommend not going gun-ho, slow gentle and steady…work your way up. Let your body tell you what is right for you.
Doing any killing type sets are likely too much at the moment, even the usual terrain too- I’ve had to wait and I’m still working towards being
strong enough to really do any lyme killing or normal strength terrain/detox. I’ve had to start with supportive frequencies only. To start into a gentle detox I’ve used the Detox maintenance preset (under Detox) and turned the amplitude voltage down to 2.5. And limited myself to just about 1 hour per week initially.
I’ve stayed away from contact mode as of yet and even learned how to turned down the ‘amplitude’ voltage to 2.5 in the ‘Signal settings’ box
of the Settings tab. I’ve done this for even the supportive sets until recently…..I’ve been extremely sensitive!

Slowly working away at the toxic load has helped me be able to handle a bit more. Sometimes it’s about not overtaxing your body’s much weakened vitality & ability to process/handle things when you’re really weak sick(which is very different then being strong sick), because by my experience you can make yourself weaker and actually worse. But then in late stage lyme it’s like playing chess backwards…after you’ve found yourself in checkmate from multiple directions at the same time. It’s complicated. You may not be strong enough to really get to the infection in an aggressive way [at first]- starting with supportive therapy and detox can help shift things to the point that you are able to start into zapping the infection and eventually get to the point of doing the whole Spooky Lyme protocol.


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Saved my dog

Hello there,
My dog a 5 year old Maltese-Shitzu suddenly became very ill. He was lethargic, didn’t want go for a walk (which is very unlike him). He stopped that eating and then began vomiting blood all in the same day. I can can only express how extremely worried I was for him.
I was able to get a little of his saliva and pop it in the sample digitiser and ran a ‘Hunt & Kill’ but I needed to know what was going on straight away, so I placed the Spooky2 pads on his abdomen (I shaved a bit of hair of first) and ran a BFB Fast scan on the GX and then remotely ran the results.
He wouldn’t eat that night (I kept monitoring him, making sure he was hydrated) but woke up the next morning with an incredible appetite and he had so much energy, we walked around the block in record time.
His stools that day were black, indication that he had, had internal bleeding and from what i gather from a poison of some sort.
I kept the 2 scans going for 3 days and his bowel movements were normal after 24 hours.
I am so grateful for Spooky2 for saving my fur baby.

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Gloria Santinelli

Amazing Arsenal of Healing Tools

My spooky story started just over a year ago when I got my genX….it has been a journey with my learning curve. Since I don’t like being tethered to the machine….most of my rifing has been through remote…and as such, I have had results that have been more subtle… and all in all, I feel much healthier…(I know that is subjective)… I have been through terrain several times, the morgellon & lyme protocol, many biofeedbacks, and a lot of presets and programs…My genX and remote is running pretty much 24/7.. I especially love running the solfeggio frequencies…it definitely enhances my mood. And song of the spine, my back feels way better. I also was able to decrease allergy symptoms significantly with remote programs.

I got the Miramate Ray Gun about 8 months ago….it was amazing for clearing a case of what was probably scabies… I kept zapping the very itchy red bumps…along with that I was running scabies programs on the genX. The Ray Gun is a wonderful tool to have in your box of healing tools.

So things changed dramatically when I got the scalar…..the things I noticed were more pronounced, instead of being subtle… I have been sleeping in the scalar field for just over 4 months now…and I have a definite increase in energy…I sleep much more deeply and even have crazy dreams. Eczema that I had on the back on my hands cleared completely within the first 2 months. I didn’t clear up the eczema with just using rife frequencies.…I haven’t even hooked up the genX to the scalar yet. I have just been putting molecular weight substances on the receiver coil..mostly nutritional supplements and herbs. My hair and nails are growing very fast. Another subjective observation is that my skin is more supple… I’m thinking that the collagen in my skin is being enhanced. Another amazing thing is my husband has had this seborrheic keratosis lesion on his torso. It is decreasing in size, not gone yet, but is almost halfway gone. Along with the increased energy, my mood and my husband’s is definitely much better, over and above running frequencies on the genX.. My mental energy just doesn’t feel heavy anymore.

So having to stay home a lot during the pandemic, I didn’t exercise much….I went back to the gym about a month ago…going 4 to 5 times per week.. And as sore as I get every evening from exercising, the next morning the soreness is gone and I am full of energy and ready to go back to the gym. Another win for scalar. Then we added the Big Magic a few weeks ago. This has helped tremendously decrease the soreness before I go to bed.

I definitely want to shout out the wonderful Spooky2 support team for their dedication to helping us. The few times I contacted them, they responded quickly and assisted me. I had an issue where the lights on the remote stopped working. So after contacting them, and trying a few things, they sent me a new mainboard with a link to a youtube video on how to install, which by the way was pretty easy even for me, a sort of non-tech person. Except that I must say that the screws are very tiny and I had to use a magnifying glass. And I want to say thank you to all the administrators on the Spooky2 Rife for Life, Miramate, and Scalar facebook groups. You are always right there with answers to our inquiring minds. And I appreciate ALL the youtube videos and live webinars that are available for our further education.

For all of us that have this amazing arsenal of healing tools…we are blessed.


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Ciara L Gail

Effective Tool for Good Health

I was not feeling well and exhibiting symptoms consistent with a specific virus that has had us all impacted since late 2019.

A BFB scan confirmed that was what I was dealing with.

I immediately treated this with my Spooky2 Central plasma unit, along with contact on an XM and was able to feel much better within two – three days.

I used both the values found in the BFB scan as well as the DNA programs for this virus for my Geographic area as well as Wuhan China.

This was very effective for me.

I have also used the same setup for other issues and illness that responded equally well.

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Our Spooky2 Journey

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Cheryl Mayes

Another adventure

I didn’t want to hear about Spooky2.
I am a user of the MWO of Lakhovsky and I said that it was enough.
Many of my friends had Spooky2 and were selling me its merits.
I found S2 too complicated and with too many frequencies to manage.
After the installation of a pacemaker, I could no longer use Lakhovsky’s MWO.
S2 offers the Remote and the Scalar.
I thought it was the right solution for me.
I just ordered a Spooky2 Scalar and a generator.
No experience to share at the moment but soon perhaps.
Already I am happy with the forum where we receive help, not always but often 🙂

Best regards

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DUPUY Jean-Claude

My 5 years with Spooky2-T

I have used Spooky2 for five years. In the past five years, it has brought great help and improvement to my life. The staff of Spooky are very patient, and I really appreciate them.