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Spooky2 Helped My Family, Clients and Myself

This is Monica Levin’s Spooky2 story. She is a spiritual coach. So far, she has bought seven Generator XM and one GeneratorX. She has two computers running her generators. Monica Levin especially likes GeneratorX because it only takes seven minutes to do a biofeedback scan. This is very brilliant. She runs generators for herself, family and clients which helps their health a lot. She very loves her Spooky2 generators and hope you love yours too.


In November of 2015, I had a lot of phlegm that I was coughing up. It got so bad I couldn’t sleep since I coughed constantly. I did some research on my symptoms and determined what strain I probably had since it started right after swimming in an indoor pool. I looked up that particular strain which is popular in humid indoor pools and used the contact method. In 20 minutes the symptoms were gone enough I could sleep. I used it as much as I could and in a couple of days, it was gone. The trick is to find the right frequency for that particular bug. I just ordered the GX and hope its scanning functions can help me target things now and in the future. I should have shared the story earlier but hate to write.

Jeff Ewing

We Could Increase Some Acid and Enhanced Its Property in the Special Scalar Field

Dear John and Spooky2 team,

At first, I’d like to express my gratitude for you and your team since you provide such wonderful and powerful digital tools at such affordable prices. Since I bought ‘Metatron sakura’ at an exorbitant price, so it’s quite unbelievable.

I’m a newcomer to the Spooky2 community. Actually I have already known Dr. Rife and used a Rife machine released by another company for more than one year. To be honest, I was disappointed by the machine because I could not recognize the effects as many people and books mentioned when I was using it for my family members. I really want to know the reason why I cannot attain the same results as Dr. Rife did. I have been searching for the reasons since then. When I found Spooky 2.com and watch the videos, I realized the reason. So I bought GX, XM generators, and Scalar. Now I’m doing some exciting experiments with myself, my family member and friends.

Let me introduce myself here a bit. I am a medical doctor working in Japan with my specialty in Endocrinology and Japanese Kanpou-medicine (originally derived from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Even though I started my career as a western medicine doctor, I shifted my interest to Eastern medicine and preventive medicine about 10 years ago and I learned Japanese-Kanpur medicine under my supervisor 7-8 years ago. In the meantime, I went to Switzerland to study Jungian psychology for two years. Now I get myself more involved in Kanpou-medicine, which seems to me more natural, effective and suitable for patients with difficult illnesses when I am working at a clinic.

I am also using ‘Metatron-Sakura’ (made by Russian scientists) to make an NLS diagnosis for persons who are suffering from undiagnosed illnesses at my private counseling room. Metatron is superior to show the possible causes of the illness, however, it alone exerts little effects on the sick tissues or organs. So I combine the Metatron with our order-made electro-wired wooden bed, which has three pieces of very important stone on it (I attach the picture. The stone is quite unique and can hold lots of information when we set the ‘Yuragi field’ (its dimension starts from 700 to infinite using our methods). Using the special bed, we can imprint the personal information in the stone when using Metatron. After doing the imprinting, when we use Metatron with the treatment mode (meta therapy mode) (of course let the client lie down on the bed), I found that we can exert powerful effects on the persons which we could not experience before. When we use Metatron, we also change the ‘Hadou’ of it.

Yesterday, several people came to my place for doing ‘Hadou-study’. We studied Dr. Rife and Dr. Naessens who found some acid. In the study, I introduced Spooky2 products to them (scalar and GX, XM generators). Some of them seem to have already considered purchasing. We carried a very interesting experiment with Spooky Scalar and our special bed (we have added the ‘Yuragi field’ to the scalar field ). We prepared three pieces of glass with fresh enzyme juice in it and put one of them between the Scalar field (its dimension ranges from 500 to 700) and the Yuragi field (its dimension starts from 700 to infinite). When we drink each glass, all participants could tell the differences and we realized we could increase some acid and enhanced its property in the special Scalar and Yuragi field. Very interesting experiment????

In the future, I am going to set up a social organization to provide health information and hope to provide an opportunity to study health. Hope to see you in Japan ( I’m now living in a village located in Nara prefecture)

This is my HP URL.
httpsmultipledemensional-medicaldoctor.com ( sorry, only written in Japanese)

I wish you all good luck,
Best regards,

Junko Sumitani

Dysmenorrhea & Endometriosis

From the start, in my teens, my menstrual cycles were debilitatingly painful often leaving me bedridden. My cycles were irregular, I lost a lot of blood, and the pain was unbearable, not to even mention the full-body acne. For many years I assumed this was normal as these things don’t get talked about. After a number of years I went to my doctor and had some tests done. Everything came back normal and since there was no apparent medical explanation my doctor put me on the contraceptive pill and told me this would regulate my cycles, shorten them from 7 days to 4 or so, reduce bleeding and also control the acne. It could potentially reduce pain but in my case it did not, I was also instructed to skip the sugar pills (i.e. skip the menstrual cycle) and keep taking the hormones as long as I allowed the cycle to complete a few times per year. In these instances I would have to take pain medication in order to continue to study and work. After many years of this I started reading about the potential negative effects of the contraceptive pill and decided that I no longer wanted to take them. I had also spoken to a friend who told me that my experience is identical to hers except her doctors did more tests than mine and told her she had Endometriosis. About this time I had started using the S2 system, and when I tried the S2 on my painful periods i found relief. The S2 reduces my pain to almost nothing, and I hope is resolving the underlying problem also as it seems to be making them more regular and shorter as well. I no longer take any medication for this at all and will continue with the S2.

Alma Lucas


Thought you might want to read what MJ wrote to Spooky2 Sergio Gonzalez

Spooky 2

Spooky 2 Rife frequencies have taken me from wheelchair bound to dancing in the streets, in just three weeks!

But first my backstory….


I could write a book on these years, titled, “ The Agony of Lyme Disease; From Misdiagnosis to Finding A Lyme Literate Doctor.”

In 1999, finally, i received the correct diagnosis of fourth stage neurological Lyme Disease with co-infection of Western Babesia.

Luckily, I did hunt down a Lyme literate doctor. For the next six years I underwent progressive, intense antibiotic treatment. As is the case with Lyme Disease, the treatment makes one much worse before getting better. And WOW, did I get worse. The Herxheimer reactions caused excruciating pain, endless hours of seizures. I was often too ill to lift my head off the pillow, spending the better part of six years bedridden and wheelchair bound.

Moving forward to 2005 -2017

At last I improved! With the help of my personal physician, also a Homeopath, I was able to begin life anew. Homeopathic remedy taken daily helped me to move on from intense bouts of seizures, reduce pain meds and generally grow stronger everyday. Mind you this was not a linear healing and though I suffered from days of fatigue, pain and the occasional seizures, my life was once again full of hope. I did not need a wheelchair.


I began to have bouts every couple of months when my legs would give out and for a week or so would need to use a wheelchair. I did not worry too much and just chalked it up to the chronic Lyme syndrome so many Lyme patients experience.

In March of 2019 my doctor ran Lyme tests to determine if in fact I did suffer from Chronic Lyme. By April I was dependent on a wheelchair or walker everyday. My neurological system was so compromised I would suddenly fly backwards making the simplest task, like pouring hot water for tea a dangerous enterprise.

The test came back. Oh Noooooo! Not only do I have chronic Lyme, I also have a new infection of Lyme Disease with co-infection of Bartonela SPP . For the second time in 25 years I am facing the horrors of Lyme disease, possibly years of treatment, the end of the good life I have come to appreciate.

In July my doctor and I agreed to tackle this recent infection with traditional antibiotic treatment.
After three days on antibiotics the Herxheimer hit and hit me hard. I will not go into the agony of it, simply, I had to stop the treatment.

My doctor recommended I see a local practitioner with a long history of treating Lyme disease. She believed I needed more expertise than she could offer at this time.

I admit to being overwhelmed and frightened of all the antibiotics and suffering that could be my future. I did not want to go down that road, even going so far as to say, “ I’d rather live my life in a wheelchair than go through that again.”

Enter the hero of this story, my husband Sergio.
He vowed to stand by me and if need be, behind me, pushing my wheelchair; whatever I needed.

My husband had been researching Rife frequencies for many years and through his diligent study we discovered Spooky 2.

On October 16, 2019, Sergio had assembled all we needed to begin using the Spooky 2 program for Lyme and Bartonela.

The first run we did was 24 hours. We started the frequencies at 4 p.m. and at 1 a.m. I woke up to headache, nausea, chills, pain throughout my entire body…..The dreaded Herx had hit! Having experienced how utterly unbearable Herxing can be, I am happy to report that this was doable. Unpleasant? Yes. But oh so doable compared to antibiotic treatment.
Using the Herxheimer helper, detox and immune building programs on Spooky 2, I recovered quickly and within two hours I felt just fine.

We are now using Spooky 2 programs for detox, immune building and pulsing the frequencies for Lyme and Bartonela

After two weeks of using Spooky 2 my grown sons, who had been through the last 25 years with me, cried with relief, thrilled to see me walking again.

It was time to go see my doctor. She had not laid eyes on me in two months and not since I started with Spooky 2.

November 12, 2019

I walked up to my doctors ’s, just two blocks from home. She came out to the waiting room prepared to wheel me back to her office.
Wide eyed with disbelief she called out, “Where is Mary Jane? Where is the wheelchair?”

We walked back to her office and she turned to me, eyes bright, smiling from ear to ear and asked, “What have you been doing? What is happening here.?” I simply replied , “Rife frequencies.”
She exclaimed, ”In the fifteen years I’ve known you I have never seen you so strong, so vital! I need to tell my colleagues.”
She said she has heard of Rife but asked how we came to it.
I shared my experience with Spooky 2 which she immediately pulled up on her computer.
Suffice to say, ”Here it is, a testimony by my own doctor on my amazing progress using Spooky 2 and Rife frequencies.”

She did not even charge me for the appointment. Because really, it was more of a celebration.

November 22, 2019

Today, using Spooky 2 programs, I continue to get stronger, vibrant, alert and alive. I walk wherever I want and even drive a car.
Bless everyone involved in making Spooky 2 and Rife frequencies available to the world.

Mary Jane Gonzalez
Ashland, Oregon

Sergio Gonzalez

I’ll never be without Spooky2!

Ten years ago, at 37 when my children were small my health deteriorated. I didn’t know why but google and talking to my Mum about the my families health did. Mum said my nana had thyroid issues with pregnancy and a great Aunt who was institutionalised for mental health may have had undiagnosed thyroid problems.

I went to the doctor asking for full thyroid blood checks. He said I needed to exercise and diet. In a way he was right but I couldn’t even cook tea for my children, so forget healthy diets and exercise. My husband who is my hero would leave work from a very understanding employer to come home and look after me and the kids. By 3pm I would be on the couch nearly in a catatonic state. I did finally convince the doctor to check a person who did not fit the demographics for thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto and put on thyroxine medication.

Fast forward to 2018 after years of trying EVERYTHING, diets, healing, counseling, anti depressants (wrong diagnosis), kinesiology, acupuncture, meditation, grounding, naturopathic support, exercise, I found a zapper device. It helped. I had it strapped onto my hip. This small device, however led me to Spooky2. When I brought my first Spooky2 remote I still had Hashimoto and very overweight. That changed though.

Now with three Spooky2 remotes I have clear bloods!!! Confirmed the other week. NO evidence of Hashimoto, high cholesterol (which I had) and sugars elevated. All organs checked and clear! On top of that I’ve gone from 89kgs to 70kgs since on Spooky2 which is the opposite of what happens to peri menopausal woman, which I am. I have been off medication for six months. I finally told the doctor I wasn’t taking medication, she was quiet and just replied keep having my bloods checked.

I haven’t done it yet, but I will do a video because I love this product and what it’s given me. My life now? I run a business in disability, work at the hospital part-time, volunteer in a youth development program. All of which would have been too difficult to do just two years ago.


Not being believed by family friends doctors or my Psychiatrist Who diagnosed me with delusional parasitesIm

So thankful I’ve found you spooky2 🙏Your a true inspiration of intelligence not only to cure all evil disease I’ve finally found you and you Believe morgellons is a real disease and not a delusion, I was diagnosed with delusional paraptosis January 2016 after been sectioned in mental health hospital, for 17 weeks, and still to this day not one person believes I have Morgellons Evan though they see how much I’ve deteriorated with my health, I’ve shaved my head now for over two years constantly have lesions and sores especially my scalp I have to shave my head everyday electric shocks and twitching constantly above my left ear, they all just tell my it’s all in my head as it’s all connected to my child abuse from age of 9 years old till I was 23 years old by my step father who has been dead 21 years now, I had his baby she is now 32 I love her unconditionally and She is why I had to tell my secret when she was 18months old as I need to protect my baby girl as I just knew he was going to abuse her I needed to protect her from him so I told my secret to my mum, I finally got my mum and my baby girl protected, but never reported it to the police because he was gone, I was the happiest I’d been all my life until my mum took him back after 5weeks, finally in 1999 he dropped dead aged 49.

I finally reported my historical abuse to the police in 2017 he’s been filed as a pedo file Evan though he’s dead I needed to have closer it wasn’t my fault I was a 9 year baby girl and it wasn’t my fault the C.D were amazing, Evan though I’ve been in therapy for over 27 years for child abuse they think Morgellons is connected to my depression and anxiety, because of my childhood abuse, and Morgellons is just in my head as a distraction from thinking about my abuse and having his daughter, if Morgellons is a distraction for my to block out my abuse why didn’t it start 27 or more years ago.. my Morgellons hell started in Spain 2015 after being bitten, if Morgellons is a distraction why do I have h.Pylori, Bactria vaginosis, urine infection constantly different skin infections, eye infections lesions and sores, why do I need to shave head, why have I been in hospital twice bleeding from my rectom, why have I been in hospital for suspected cellulitis, why have I had Haemorrhoid banding, why did I have to give up my dream job of being a Qualified chef because I cannot stand long for the Pains in my feet and cannot walk far, why I have degraded myself to become on benefits, why I’ve I used all my savings moving from a 3 bedroom house into a paid by the Government apartment, spending thousands to move decorating flooring, no carpets new beds bedding allergies protection, leather sofa no soft furnishings, thrown away infected clothing only buy cotton,

Why My 2nd blood test for Lymes disease has detached something and gone to a different lab, why I had I ended my relationship because he says I have a mental illness, why I won’t have my grandson to stay with me frightened I’m going to infect them, why I’m constantly cleaning washing bedding every day, bathing etc, now diagnosed with o.c.d, why have I lost 5 teeth in 2 years, why do I buy only natural Enzymes etc, only use disposable clothes, why is my daughter now my carer as I wanted to end my life, why i have no energy constantly tired but don’t sleep, why have I changed the way I eat done body detox and lost 4 and half stone in 5 months, i also had an abdomen and internal vagina ultrasound scan which was so painful, and made me bleed and I haven’t had a period for 6years, I received the letter with my results from hospital Saturday saying my ultrasound was normal, But when they undertook the scan and the radiographer has commented that some blood was seen on the withdrawal of the probe, As there is no menstruating I would encourage you to speak to your doctor about this so I went to my doctors Monday told her about my letter and I’ve been spotting blood from my Vagina and rectum since having my ultrasound on 11th November she put me on HRT as well as all the medication she and my Psychiatrist have put me on antidepressants antipsychotics now just another pill , that’s all they give me as its easier for them than just listening and investing y health, theirs is no hope for me with them all they give me is negatives and never no positives that’s why I’m now always hesitant to go to my doctors as she judges me with my delusional disorder but I went and got another pill, after holding back my tears I also asked her for a MRI scan once again for my scalp as I’ve been refused for over 4years as I’ve never had any tests for my scalp even though I’ve seen a dermatologist twice they just judge me and say nothing is there so I pray not to be judged by my doctor, psychiatrist and hospital as they just see my medical records… Delusional.. but of cause I was refused I pleaded with her she said they won’t test you for parasites 🦠 I said ok tell to test me for the electric shocks I’m living with constantly please I begged but she still told me no, I held back the tears got my Prescription for HRT which I am not taking ever, as I got back to my car I just burst into tears, I have no hope.

I’m not delusional I’m me, but that’s all everyone sees is delusional.
We know MORGELLONS is an evil disease, We are not DELUSIONAL.

We just want a life to be who I used to be 4 years ago, I’m all alone Just suffering in silence with this evil disease, that is why I am doing my own research as I’m crying out for help and Advice so I can heal and start a life with my girls and grandsons 🙏
I’m so thankful and would like to say thank you spooky2 for all your believes and positives to cure all evil and praying you help me heal with an healing Generator For my morgellons and Lyme disease to help me go on with my life
Much love spooky2 from me to you 🙏
all much love Lisa 💗

Lisa Scott

A good Story about Spooky2

The strange Thing happend to me , i bought 2 years ago a spooky kit for start. After a small learning curve i bought 3 generators more .. i used experimental and did not feel beter or worse!
Then after a year i try to sell it on a marketplace (sort eBay but then local) after a While someone was interested but he said the Price is high ?
I told him this is 1/2 price..
Yes but hè said if it works it,s cheap but when it,s not working (you know what i mean)
So after talking trough chat a few days hè told me about his issuses and i decided to give it a try and told him you can get it for free and pay me when it works..!
So that was the deal .
After a while hè Told me that about 50% of his issusses were gone or less, i was happy and disapointed , happy for him disapointed i have no more generators myself.. afcourse he paid my money as we agreed… the thing is i bought myself a generator x because i ,m a believer
Thank you all gr

Arthur selbach

Hodgkin’s lymphoma comlete healing

Good mornning, i am Elia from Italy and i am 55 yers old. I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006 and treated with 9 mounths of chemio, after that i was in remission, but i had a lot of collateral effects. In 2014 the lymphoma came back. I had a lot of doubts about the treatment i supposed to do: chemio, radio, and eventualy if these are not good enought bone marrow transplantation. I started the chemio, but just after two days i take the courage to leave it. I started to drink veggetrable juice, take supplements, overcome stress with good long sleep, built myself a zapper of Hulda Clark, and soon discover the spooky 2. I bought a Generator X (even if my economic situation was bad) because i belive in the potential of healing of frequencies. From those days the generator X is always on and connected to my computer. I did detox programs in remote, scan and run contact program all nights and even during the days connected with ten pads and a very long cable (bnc) i can walk around in my house running contact mode. I started to read the spooky 2 forum, to see all the video on youtube chanel and apply your advices (you are wonderfull!) After 3 months i saw the doctors and take medical exams… the lymphoma was reduced so much that i have not chemo and radio. I think using frequecies will cure a lot of diseases or even all the desases, and in the future Generator X will be in any family. I trust a lot the spooky 2 products and in the future i wish to have the money to buy scalar, and spooky central (sadly i am not working from 2006 and i live with the money of my mother’s Social Security). Recently i bought a miramate Joint Aid to my mother and she starts to have good effects on his arthrits. Thank you for what you did and you will do to heal the people, giving us the precious products, and supports with forum and videos.. you really care about the people in prevention and healing. Thank you again.


Spooky2 has really helped change my health and life

Hi there,

In 2006 I went through a very traumatic event and the health result was a huge impact on my thyroid. I was a very thin guy at the time and felt really indispensable. Complete picture of health until life knocked the wind out of my sails. I have never been the same. My thyroid has been off the charts since that time. My new “normal” range for me was a thyroid number of 14-15. I have been on levothyroxine all this time with very little improvement.

In May 2018 we bought a Spooky Generator X and I immediately started treating my thyroid. I can say I have had some frustrations as it seemed it just wasn’t working for me. But, I have stayed consistent and it runs 24 hours per day. I have thought over and over about what Albert Einstein said match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality…….It can be no other way. This is actually Biblical as well. The scripture says “As a man thinketh so is he”. Once you can wrap your mind around what is going on energy-wise and faith wise then things start to happen. I just had my thyroid tested a week ago and it was 4.6. I was so excited!! It has been off the charts since 2006. It has taken almost a year and a half on the Spooky2 GX but that is in remote mode. I have taken medicine for 13 years with limited results but the Spooky2 has had a greater impact.

Spooky2 has really helped change my health and life. I have recently also treated myself for E-coli, Coxsackie, and Botulism very successfully. You have to be patient, believe in the process and let the frequencies do their job.

Thank you for all you have invested in these great products. I am grateful they are not only so effective but also affordable. I look forward to continued positive changes in my health. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful.

Daniel Kapuscenski



Paul Grunwald

Self Healing First

I have been a fan and user of biofeedback for over 17yrs. When I finally had a chance to track down the Rife system and frequencies I jumped in with both feet and bought 6 generators and 1 Gen X. As a biologist and practitioner I still always approach everything with a bit of scepticism. To that end I try everything on myself first before I try it on anyone else. I have had floaters in both eyes for many years likely due to stress. I have used supplements for years in an attempt to reverse or at least stop the formation of floaters but no real progress so I chose the Eyesight to Improve as my first go with my Gen X. I had a large floater partially blocking my left eye central field of vision. I chose remote mode as that seemed the easiest and let it loop for 3 solid weeks. I can now clearly see thru my left eye as the floater has been blown apart. There are still floater fragments in my eye but my vision has improved and I will continue to work the program with supplemental support in the near future to see if I can push them all out. I will confirm with my opthamologist in the next few months but I KNOW he will be blown away as he keeps telling me my only option is to have the fluid drained from my eye, filter and reinsert it in a surgical procedure.
To further reduce my scepticism I then created a custom program for a woman with low thrombocytes. she was waiting for a surgical appointment to remove the spleen to avoid any other platelet transfusions and steroid therapy. After running remote programs for bone marrow followed by spleen support and anti-inflammation for several weeks AND finding the right program she has been” fabulous for a couple of weeks and feeling great”. Her only other option was to undergo a splenectomy. At this time she has been terrific and we will continue to run the remotes until her system overcomes. She has not had to use steroids and that makes her very happy! In the hands of experienced practitioners, these Rife frequencies and devices will absolutely be the go to for those tired of not getting results or slow responses or no answers for their dis-ease states! I whole heartedly support this system and my scepticism is almost non-existent. To all current, former and future users here is what I say! Take the chance, buy your system! The support is fabulous, the price is reasonable and the sky is your limit! BE WELL :)G

Gina Goad

Big Scalar surprise! No more toenail fungus!

I’ve been using the Scalar for a year now and it’s improving my energy and strength due to 33 years of Fibromyalgia. But I recently noticed another improvement that I’d not paid attention to before. The toenail fungus I’d tried fighting (and finally given up on) for about 7 years was GONE! I never imagined the Scalar field would do that so I never even checked my toenail (I wear nail polish most of the time). I think I originally got it from swimming so much but while using the Scalar, I still swim 3 times a week, which normally feeds fungus growth. Pretty amazing since nothing I previously tried helped it at all! I love my Scalar.

Interestingly, my sister, who doesn’t believe in any non-traditional treatments, actually let me try it on her and now she asks for it regularly! We both used to get bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia each year but this past year with the Scalar, no bronchitis! She has COPD so lung illnesses are really important for her to avoid.

Thank you so much Spooky2!

Paula Quenelle

Spinal problems

We were talking to my daughter one day and she said that her husband had a slip disc. Now he is a 45 year athlete, a important part of his life. We live in a different country but had all of my families fingernails. We put his nail in the remote and ran the slip disc program. Now we did not tell them what we were doing. Within a week our daughter told us that he went out skiing. So I took him off the spooky. Wouldn’t you know it, he h ad to go to the doctors and they said surgery. Again I put him back on the spooky. And I left him on the spooky via the remote for about two months. End result it has now been about 10 months with no problems. And he is enjoying all of his activities.

Nathanael Jackson

So Surprised to See the Spooky2 Remote Treatment

When we started with Spooky2 Remote we had a group of 10 people that we had to meet for 4 weeks. Our activity was to have each person try out a personalized meeting each week and try several different technologies. People were then treated the week for 5 days with spooky remote. After the first few days of Spooky Remote work, somebody called us to tell us that the work was very intense in their body and that we had to drop the working hours at a distance. So we found at the moment the level of intoxication of people who ended up with detox reactions. For the weeks that followed we adjusted our treatment hours. This allowed us to see the power of remote work that spooky was doing. At the end of the 4 weeks, people were very happy and amazed at the changes and the improvement of their physical condition. He thanked us and was surprised to see this new discovery of distance treatment.

Michel Roy

Inspiration to cure

Finally a inspiration to cure
your a true genius 100%
I’m so inspired by you spooky2

Lisa Scott

my journey with spooky2 xm generator

I first brought it to try to help my wife with some of her conditions rheumatoid arthritis and samter’s triad . She was very reluctant to try any thing incase she had a reaction to it

I knew she could take bells mucus cough containing guaifenesin 100mg per 5ml. She was wearing hearing aids and they had just been changed to a new more powerful set that I could hear before she put them on. I looked at the spooky2 software I saw a program for eustachian tubes with the use of cold laser which I tried twice with cold laser made only a minor difference. so I tried it with a set of hang cylinders in contract mode as soon as I finished a 30 mins with spooky 2 my wife said to me have you turned the tv volume up as she could hear the tv as being so loud. Because when she was holding the hand cylinders she was fast asleep. I told her no it was then she realized she did not have hear hearing aid in. that alone was worth the purchase of the spooky 2.

Then I thought to use it for myself for ms. There are a number of products that have helped me but may also help others and I wish to share with anyone please pass the info on.

I first looked at pain killers the first I looked at was glucosamine sulphate I have been taking it since 1990 i went for a dose of 1500mg once a day i found it had a mild diuretic effect also you tend to get more energy probly because it is a sugar Devils claw 600mg this decrease information and swelling Ginger cold pressed 5ml from root ginger this helped my knee pain because it containts cox 1 and cox2 receptors one in the morning and 5ml in the evening Lecithin 1200mg now this contains phosphatidyl choline, which comprises a major portion of our brain and nervous system also essential fatty acids and insitol and natural vite appox 1000iu now this is a way of getting cheap vit e but vit e is the compound that I believe send the right nuntrants to were the body needs it Cold pressed rapeseed oil also 5ml in the morning and 5 ml in evening this was to soften my leg muscles.

I also use my spooky2 on remote to treat ms which I leave on all the time this does help I also go to acupuncture once every two weeks
My problem include balance which I resided was that when walking the road it felt spongy i also have short term memory problems the sponginess is help with acupuncture the stiffness is helped by a combination of cold pressed rapeseed oil and lecithin my muscles were constantly stiff now they have reduced in size at first my trousers legs where tight now they loose again also my muscles are now soft I also use one magnets to control tingling in arms and legs if I do not use one magnet on my arm my toes go a blue/black colour.

My first thought was to buy some magnets I put them all together hung on some string and let them swing to see the side that pointed north I knew my room orientation I then marked them-ve south facing this is the side that goes next to my skin .i then placed some on top and bottom of my legs on the vain in middle of leg in front my vain was very sore to thought they were held on with surgel tape after a week or so my vains where not sore anymore. after some more research, I found out which points can give me more energy so I placed magnets there.

Looking on the web I started to looked at structured water I brought a vortex unit off ebay with magnets I now use this for drinking it only takes me a few minutes in the morgin to make my structured water the reason for this that magnets help but if I use structured water it could replace water in my body with structured water and I could get better connection with my nerves all I can say is that something is happening. Now it looks like it is a combination of the things I am taking is having a positive effect.

When I first took the lion mane extract i took 1g every morning put in boiling water let it cool the swallowed it around my mouth so it be absorbed by my tongue and gums my reason for this was I believed this was the best way to take it because via the tongue and gums it should get into your bloodstream in about 0.7 sec while by your stomach it be attacked by acids and alot will not be able to get as much into bloodstream.

I noticed after acupuncture the floor felt more solid but it last till morning so one day I asked my accupuntris can I use magnets to make the effect last longer she showed me where the points are also she said put one on my belly button.

I got a magnetic belt for around the bottom of my stomach and my back which I did what I then found was with the magetic belt on, the floor felt better and when. Even when I had taken off the belts I could get a few hours with the floor feeling solid. I then put a magnetic belt on to my back to increase my energy levels what I noticed was I was able to get off the floor without the use of a chair or stick.

I then got my willow bracket extract I now take 1g at night after 5 days what I noticed was that my body has more pain in shoulders some back as well. This was how it was to have occured appox 5yrs ago.

Stopped spooky2 ginger and cold press rapeseed oil for four days to see what differences it made I found i had more knee pain my hands where shaking i restarted my spooky2 ginger and cold pressed rapeseed oil my hands stopped shaking and knee pain gone so i assuming the shaking was part rife and cold pressed rape seed oil.

Put rife on to detox for four days even with magnets on stomach ,belly button and back my balance was not as good also fatigue increased it felt harder to do thing. I started 75mg dispersible aspirin 1 twice a day I hopping may be of use to reduce fatigue,
Then was started day 3 of detox, but during it, I felt not quite right as soon I put spooky2 back to treat ms everything improved so to me it is a great worth well a piece of kit.

Alan Wing

“Cold Laser Wound Healing Therapy”

Due to a work injury on my hand using a wrench trying to loosen some difficult bolts to make a repair.

I ended up busting my knuckle open which caused it to bleed like crazy, so I ended up wrapping my hand to stop the bleeding so I tried neosporin, castor oil, vitamin E to see if it would heal the wound and bring back my skin pigmentation that didn’t work at all. So I forgot all about Spooky2 cold laser heals scars so I gave that a try for a week and noticed immediate improvement of the scar starting to shrink. So I continued using cold laser for another week and my scar was healed completely and my hand looked as if nothing ever happened. My skin pigmentation came back as well. My girlfriend loves my hand again *Smiles* wish I could show you guys the before and after pictures. My whole reason for stumbling across Spooky2 was because I have been suffering from chronic pain due to a inguinal hernia surgery with mesh and a triple neurectomy where they cut 3 of my nerves in my abdomen. I truly can say it has helped me but I’m still learning how to use the system and software. Till this day I’m still suffering in pain and trying to see Dr’s and sometimes having to drive out of town and fly out of state to see specialists so most of my spending money is going towards all of that while I’m still working full-time keeping up my household and trying to live a somewhat normal life as much as I can. If I could win the Generator X it would save me financially, help me to do faster biofeedback scans, and ultimately help me heal quicker so I can go back living the normal that I am meant to live. But I would be grateful to win any prize to add to my Spooky2 collection.

Thank You Spooky2 Team,

Blessings and Healing to Everyone

Daylon Boler

Spooky2 Scalar Erases and Removes the Noxious Effects of EMR

These results are from using Spooky2 Scalar system without any modulation.

Spooky Scalar erases and removes the noxious effects of EMR ( electrosmog).

2 patients aged the middle 50’s, both women, were treated independently for the pathogenic effects of exposure to EMR. The time needed for the return of regular homeostasis values varied from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the severity of the exposure, coupled and the vitality level of the patient.

The patients sit in a wooden chair in the center of an 8-foot distance between sending and receiving units of the Scalar device, all metal and jewelry removed.

Both patients felt improved immediately at the end of each session and the length of time was controlled by the patient’s own responses, as they could sense the improvement and communicate it to me. They both could tell when they had fully corrected their state of dysfunction. No reports of sinking back into the previous low energy symptoms that compose the electrosensitive syndrome descriptions. The treatment held stable once the improvement threshold was reached and complaints only returned when the patients were re-exposed to another episode of electrosmog exposure sufficient to upset their stable level of homeostasis. Spooky Scalar provides a way of normalizing and removing the symptoms associated with electrosmog radiation syndrome, and the time needed for treatment remediation can be sensed by the affected patient. Rather than weeks of dysfunction, Spooky2 Scalar can repair the voltage-sensitive calcium gates that are opened from EMR and can do it in a short time period.

Thank you, Spooky2 team!!!

Johnny Adams

Back pain relief

I have had two incidents where my back was injured. First I had vertebrae 4&5 compressed in a motorcycle accident 35 years ago. Second , an accident at work nine years ago caused a bulging disc in the same area. It took me two years of trying different settings , but I finally found the combo on the Spooky2 and I am pain free since. The only catch is that I must run it non stop or the pain gradually returns.
I use the same settings plus a few extras on a second Spooky2 for a coworker who has spinal stenosis with great results for him as well.
The Spooky2 rife is the ONLY device I have ever found that relieves my back pain, and my coworker swears by it. We both can tell within hours if the power goes out at my house, and my battery backup runs out.
Thank you Spooky2 , John White , and all that have contributed!

Gary Betzen

Dental problems from years of Lyme Antibiotics

In addition to the pain & myriad symptoms of Lyme, my teeth have started disintegrating – loosing fillings & breaking teeth. I have no dental insurance and so I hunted for dental programs in Rife. It is absolutely amazing! I run the programs on Remote. If we have a power outage and the Rife goes down, my teeth start hurting very quickly. But I restart and presto: pain gone. At some point, I will have saved enough to get my teeth fixed, but in the meantime, I’m managing pain free.

Kathleen Sult Sargenti

Very Good but Challenging

I have been doing Spooky2 remote for a while now for candida, yeast,, running detox at the same time. I feel some changes but cannot exactly describe in detail. Well being is the goal … making progress but I am not there yet. When one does not feel good it is challenging to be disciplined and keep up. It is more than a little challenging to figure out the exact steps/protocol towards well being. It would be nice to have a book. Having to go online to figure things out is not always operationally friendly specially when one does not feel good. Thank you offering the Spooky2 remote I find it to be easier for me.

Maria Serrao

Shake and Bake

I’ve had Spooky2 for several years now. I’ve encountered so many problems, so much resistance, I might say, to getting things setup and running without any problems. I’ve bought two of the XM generators over the last year or two, have many of the accessories for doing remote treatments as well.

I say the above with a sad smile, for I have often wondered why I have had so many challenges to get things running without something happening that would either make me frustrated or something that would simply stop me dead in my tracks.

I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So my struggle has been trying to control the symptoms that has come with the diabetes, most recently this past year has been nerve pain in my feet and legs. I had to go to a neurologist to get pain medication that I would take five pills a day just so I could sleep at night. I believe they call it neuropathy.

Several weeks back, after having everything left unplugged and just sitting idle for many, many months, I decided to give it a try again. I’d lost one of the power cords, so I could only hook up one of my XM generators. I had an older PC with Windows XP on it, so I downloaded and installed Spooky2 on it. I set it up to run some basic presets for minerals and vitamins. I kept coming home to find the computer had rebooted and Spooky had stopped running. Grrrrr.

I’m sharing all of this so that you can understand how much failure I experienced, for years. I had issues with the generator running different frequencies than what was in the program. With the generator not loading programs. Everything under the sun, it would seem.

So two weeks ago, my girlfriend said just bring it all upstairs and hook it up to her computer. Her PC is pretty new. She also has some severe challenges with Hashimoto’s Disease, thyroid related problems. I ordered a new power supply from the Spooky2 website, and got both of my XM generators hooked up and running.

This is where the great part of my story happens. I did a search on the Spooky2 website for Hashimoto’s Disease, and found an amazing story that was shared by a woman who basically cured herself and improved her thyroid functioning using her Spooky setup. I got so excited, so I asked and got some hair from my girlfriend, did a search in the database for thyroid related programs and specifically Hashimoto’s Disease and I started to run them for her. The changes were almost immediate!!!! As one part of the symptoms, she would have terrible itching that would welt up when scratched. It would wake her at night, and was almost impossible to treat in any reasonable way to stop the itching. The first night, no itching! Yes!!! We have run the same frequencies now for over a week, and she has not had any symptoms at all. We are both astounded and so grateful. I am convinced we can cure her now.

The second part of my story relates to me and the diabetes. After getting my girlfriend setup and running, and seeing how well that worked, I did a search on diabetes programs, found several through muscle testing that felt right, and ran them. Now I had just been to two doctor’s appointments, my A1C had gone from moderately good to horrible. It was now at 8.7, where it was at 6.3. I was told my diabetes wasn’t being managed by my medication and they would have to do more blood work and possibly change my medication too. Well, that was before Spooky2 had something to say about it.

My first blood sugar test after running the programs I selected, was 115. The day before, it was 178. Wow. The second day? 95. Ninety-Five!!!!!! Excited? Yes!!
Almost in tears with gratitude, you bet!

I told me girlfriend about Generator X and what that could do for us and our family. I think it took her about 2 seconds before she told me to buy it, buy it now.

If you are going to invest in your health and well being, I can’t think of a better way to do so, than by buying a generator, downloading Spooky2, and RUN IT!


Tony Geron

Tony Geron

Fungus in my garden just vanished! A miracle!

My neighbours tree was cut down few years back and the roots went under my garden. Where the roots grew beneath my lawn I would experience a weekly large line of toadstools that would grow on the surface of my lawn. Each week I would just go over them with the lawnmower when cutting the grass. This would happen in the summer months each year the same.

I decided as an experiment to test the Spooky2 when I purchased it to see if the remote programs would work on these toadstools that religiously grew on my lawn each week. I picked one of these toadstools from the patch one day and cut a slither from the stem, to put into a remote connected to my spooky generator. I decided to run a general fungus program from the spooky2 database and left this running overnight. I will be completely honest when I say that I expected nothing really to happen!

The next morning after leaving this kit running overnight, I went to inspect the lawn. I did this very casually as my hopes were not very high on this quantum remote technology, as it seemed a little bit in the fantasy realm for my way of thinking. To my surprise I could not believe what I was seeing. The toad stool patch was still there, but all the toadstools were wilting. They looked like someone had poured some sort of poison on them, they looked sick. I was so surprised, but also felt a sense of joy that something like this could have this effect and so quickly. So I decided to leave the spooky2 kit running and see what happened next.

Over a period of a couple of days the fungus completely died, I was astonished! This was not the only surprise I had in store for me. The fungus never returned again! 3 years down the line the fungus never came back. Now considering that it grew every week after I cut it, every summer for years, it was a miracle! In 2-3 days the spooky2 eradicated this fungus completely!

I went over this experiment in my head many times thinking of ways to possibly debunk it, however, I could not find, or think of any other coincidence. I have just recently moved house, however, I’m willing to bet that there is still no fungus in my garden! A story I will not forget, I’m sure of that. 😉

Giovanni Sacco

Amazing Results with Generator X and xm

At the advice of my care wellness Doctor in Florida,I purchased The Spooky2 Generator X for the many autoimmune diseases I have. Spooky2 has helped me more than any Western medical doctor has. I am a work in progress. I certainly have more energy than I have had in years. So there is that and then there is this. My daughter lives in N.Y. and has had problems with a Plantar wart for years. Her Doctor had repeatedly treated her for this with nothing working. The Doctor wanted to do surgery, she asked him to wait 2 weeks. She had sent me some finger nail clippings and I started running frequencies for Plantar wart, general wart and a fungus. Two weeks later she went back to the doctor, he said I don’t know what you did but it’s gone. I used the xm generator for this. Pretty amazing.

Judy Bartlett

Fibrosis of the breast

Almost two years ago, my daughter was complaining about what seemed to be a form of breast fibrosis. She’d had the problem for some time, but no treatment had worked. As I was setting up my Spooky2 rig at the time, I offered my daughter a scan, to followed by remote treatment, since she lived some distance away. Her scan showed a strong hit for a frequency of about 123,000 Hz, so I saved this as a program and started running it. I remember not setting any of the wobble options. Within a day or two, my daughter said she was feeling a lot better. However, by about the sixth day, she said it was back. Feeling concerned that this would shake her confidence in Spooky, I invited her for another scan, which this time gave a main hit of about 124,000 Hz. Whatever was causing her problem had mutated in frequency by almost one percent, making it immune to the program. So this time I made three programs: 123,000, 124,000, and 125,000 Hz, to be run on separate generators. And this time, I selected all three wobbles for each program. Frequency wobble was 0.025% for the 124,000 Hz program and 0.5% for the upper and lower ones. I’m not saying these “frequency rails” helped; it was just an attempt to cage in the target so that it had no means of escape. This time was more successful, though, and my daughter hasn’t mentioned the problem since.

Steve Bradshaw

Remove pain from grease burn

I splashed hot bacon grease across 4 fingers on my right hand. I immediately ran cool water from the kitchen sink over my hand for about 10 minutes. My fingers were swollen and red. The pain was intense. I turned on my pc and XM spooky generators. I found and ran these programs; Burns CAFL, Burns ETDF, Blister XTRA using tens pads with healing preset. I ran these programs once a day for 4 days. My body got cold every time I ran them. The first day I had mild pain and then the pain went away. The skin was raised and blisters tried to form, but they didn’t. A week later I was left with dark patches of burnt skin. This was the worst burn I have ever experienced. My family wanted me to go to the hospital but I did not. This experience gave me proof that the Spooky machine works. I have had the generators for 3 years now and never really knew if they were helping. Now I know they do.

Kettie Guinn

Spooky 2 Rife zaps me back to thriving health!

I had a serious rash that started at my feet and over a couple months spread to about 80% of my body. This rash was very painful and extremely itchy. I don’t like to take prescription drugs so I was on a mission to figure out a holistic way to eliminate this rash. Upon finding a Naturopath it was discovered through Qest4 bioenergetic scanning that I had a multitude of issues going on including Candida, Aspergillus and Slime Mold with eventually a very high level of 8 mycotoxins, tick bite bacteria in my blood, round worm and liver fluke parasites, heavy metals, and vaccine injury, and underneath that all the toxins we pick up everyday.. Over the past 18 months I have cleared everything but 3 mycotoxins (which are very stubborn) since my last scan about 6 weeks ago. This healing has come from using several types of resources including supplements, essential oils, light therapy, TKM touch therapy and many weekly Rife sessions. I believe the Rife therapy has been at the top of the list for killing and healing all that I was battling. I decided to buy a GeneratorX Rife machine about 8 months ago so I could treat myself at home. This has been huge in the healing process as it seems when you clear something from your system a hidden problem can arise that you didn’t know about. I love the biofeedback scans along with the hunt and kill setup as it takes the guess work out of what to look for. Recently I discovered the Mold Slime Sweep that runs for about 12 hours. I ran this for several days and the only place I had any rash left was in the arches of my feet. I have finally stopped feeling the movement of the Slime mold mycotoxins – yes they move and you can feel it – it’s creepy! I believe this sweep has finally killed off the last of the mycotoxins and I will get another scan in about 6 weeks to confirm. Now I am moving on to the many other programs that Rife offers and I truly believe the Rife protocol has offered me healing I would not get anywhere else. I’m so grateful for my GeneratorX!

Kathy Lengyel

Spooky2 Helped Me with Many Health Problems Greatly

I purchased my first Spooky2 equipment in May of 2019. I had experienced some Rife treatment in the past. It seemed totally acceptable to my understanding of healing with sound, light, and frequencies. But it was a bit confusing and overwhelming with a long list of frequencies and what to tune to. Then I found Spooky2! I love the way it is put together, user-friendly even for a nontechy like me. At first, I put it away, save it for a rainy day. Then I got a flu bug and all my natural healing methods were not working. Decided to get it out and try to figure it out. I got it hooked up and ran a biofeedback scan on the XM Generator. About half way through it I started to feel a little better. Got done and was feeling quit a bit better but thought maybe it was placebo effect. I hooked it up to remote with a nail sample after. Two hours later I was out mowing the lawn. I had been pretty down and out for a week with body aches, headache, sinus, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea. Diarrhea went away after that session. Fatigue and body aches by end of the day and the rest with in the next 2 days all resolved. I only ran the remote session for 4 hours. Since then I have added the use of the GenX with remotes, Sample Digitizer, internal probe, Miramate Laser and Flash. I have worked on several of my own issues and had much help with chronic Pancreatitus with Biliary Duct spasms, Allergies, overactive bladder, multiple viruses, some arthritis in my hands and some skin issues with the Flash. My biggest healing is with my pancreas, biliary system. This has been a health issue that came on 25 years ago from unknown source. After much medical world help that did not help, I went to the natural healing world 25 years ago. My quest to heal this brought me into the field as my area of work doing body, mind, spirit healing. Using Spooky2 biofeedback scans, and healing preset frequencies has helped so much. I do not have that constant inflamed pain in my pancreas, liver and bile duct. I am continuing to work with it to bring complete healing. My passion is also to help other heal. I have had good results using Sample Digitizer with my pets, parasites and fungus issues. And very exciting is using these devices with my clients. Amazing how doing the 11-day detox can bring healing! Also running the Biofeedback scans with treatment.

So grateful for those who put Spooky together in such a way that is user-friendly, it just takes a little time and trial to learn more with it. The energy that is put into the Spooky products is good, and for the higher good. Thank you!

So appreciate the videos and posted information and affordability of the products . God Bless you all for what you do and Thank you!

Heidi Gilman

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Started using on myself and friends who could not afford spooky… would love to expand and could use your support for more equipment… Thank you spooky



Many years ago I had severe Lyme disease which left my body quite fatigued after the battle was done. Running Spooky2 Lyme detox and support programs has improved my energy level. I’m amazed how much lighter I feel! I now have four generators running continually with personalized programs for each family member’s symptoms. We are so happy to know about the wonderful Spooky2 programs!

Pam Wellbrock

Yeast infection objectively reduced

Having had a long term history with candida and yeasts, I decided to obsessively rife many sets using contact mode for candida, mold and yeast. I tried the Candida Albicans 1 set on contact through a killing shell. During the session, I physically felt blockages in my digestive tract being removed. So That was enough of a reason for me to keep running that set. I now have an improved digestive system as a result. I also got busy with attacking yeasts, mold and funguses of many types. I was astonished to taste the dead yeast fragrance coming up out of my lungs which showed me that the yeasts in my lungs was being attacked and killed, and that was just with contact mode. One Tens pad on the back of right wrist, and one on the outside of the left ankle. The next day my urine smelled strongly of dead yeasts, suggesting to me that the dead yeasts were being taken out of my body after rife killing through the organs of elimination. So I have faith that if I carry on on this trajectory, my issues will decline and I will progress in health. These experiences demonstrate to me that Rife was right. Frequencies can be used to help kill pathogens. If you persevere, you can have improvement in your condition if you do the right frequency sets for your condition. As Spooky2 has numerous different scan methods, it becomes easier to build the right frequency sets for you. And with much less of a need to buy supplements and herbs to help control the infection. Thank you Spooky2 !!

Nicholas Dewey

Spooky2 GX has helped me and my family with a number of issues.

I recently discovered Rifing through a Youtube video (Anthony Holland’s TED Talk / 11th Harmonic) and after learning that it may help with various illnesses and diseases I purchased a GX Essentials kit. The international delivery was efficient and arrived after about 4-5 business days. While I was waiting for the unit to arrive, I took the time to learn how to use the Spooky2 GX. There are many great videos that the Spooky team has made and I found that all the instructions were clear and it was very easy for me to understand.

I initially used my GX unit to help with my sore/frozen neck that presented with extreme nerve pain (using Remote transmission) and within 48 hours of using it I was back to normal with no more neck pain. After successfully helping my sore neck, I used the Spooky2 GX on my little nephew who had an extremely swollen Lymph node on his neck. My nephew appeared to be sick with flu like symptoms. After applying Spooky2 using Remote on my nephew and utilising the Detox and Lymph based programs; within 48 hours his Lymph node swelling subsided and his neck returned back to normal.

This was amazing to me. After realising it had helped me and my nephew, I went and applied the Spooky2 PEMF coil for my wife’s sore arm (she is a nail technician and is prone to sore necks and sore arms) and after a couple of sessions her sore arm normalized. I’m incredibly amazed at how effective my Spooky2 GX has been that I would recommend it to others too.

The biofeedback system on the GX is an excellent tool to know what your body needs and you may easily apply those frequencies.

Michael Truong

Miracle in Progress

I became seriously ill over 40years ago with what l now believe is chronic Lyme disease and gradually over the years got progressively ill at some stages feeling like l would die. I tried herbs, cbt, alternative therapies, Chinese herbs, you name it l tried it. Then at the beginning of 2018 l just happened to see spooky2 rifing mentioned on someone’s Facebook and was intrigued, what on earth was rifing? I began research and couldn’t believe the stories of healing that were being told. I then found the sample videos on YouTube so started on those first. Wow they were powerful. I was so ill l could only do a few minutes but even so those few minutes gave me energy and cleared my foggy head. So a few months later when l was doing the whole video, decided to buy my first xm basic kit. It took me a while to set up as with brain fog l could barely function but l managed it. I gradually added generators when l could afford them. The more l added the more rifing l was able to do as l could then use detox and start on the presets that John White and his team had cleverly set up. Today l have 4 xms and 2 genx my health improvement is still in progress and l cannot believe the changes that rifing has made to me. From being bedbound and housebound, l am now able to function so much more, am stronger, more coherent, eye sight improved, mentally much quicker in my thinking, able to be more active digestion improved, skin improved, hair stopped falling out. The list is non ending. So please don’t wait get rifing spooky2 now and believe you can get well again.

Jacqueline Davis

I LOVE My Spooky 2 Remote !

Ok In every word i say….i’m going to be brutally honest…because that’s what I do .. I’m a 57 year old American living in Milwaukee wisconsin. For many many years i work very hard physically and mentally during the day …
and at Night I relax at my computer with my alcohol and cigarettes …ahhhhh yesss …feels so Good to NOT Be physical and just chill out have some drinks and relaxing smoke .. Yes yes, like i said….honesty.. ahhhh yessss

BUT ! as Life has gone on… to much work ….and play have started to run me down with high blood pressure and loss of short term memory , lack of sleep and just feeling harder and harder to feel energetic and positive…and somewhat looking for more health problems down the road…. I bumped into spooky2 on the internet and i had already researched Royal Rife years ago….and immediately I felt a powerful urge to purchase ! i just trusted every word I read and felt very confident for spooky2.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I’m already Very Amazed ! Ok I first wanted to say that I have not had a cold or flu for at least 20 years … and when I first started using spooky…different programs experimenting … I started to feel like i was getting a powerful cold…sneezing alot and blowing my nose with huge amounts filling the tissue…it was like my head was filled to capacity with snot and it all had to come out …..and it did …it was about 10 days of feeling like a powerful cold…But I Know that this machine does detox without doing a specific detox program… I stuck with it until the cold was over and my head is amazingly empty and clear ! I developed some small rashing in groin area and that has since went away also.

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Ok Im going to say in these few short weeks… I have NO swelling or painful feet and ankles anymore.. My head is very clear…i sleep more sound, I smoke less and drink less also ! It has somehow helped me with that also ! Very impressed !
I get up way easier in the morning… and have a great confident hope to be a much much healthier Person .

Ok Last But NOT Least !! I did this 3 times Now…. I said Steve ??? I want to do an experiment ! I want to put spooky2 to the Test ! a Test That I could show Others ! ( They all think im crazy to believe in such electronic Voodoo )
Soooo ! I Purposely didnt take my blood pressure medication and after work I settled in with my drinks and smokes…I then activated and ran the spooky Hypertension program and had my first drink …took my blood pressure …
And It was 159/ 99….. and within a half hour it was 151/ 91…. I continued drinking a smoking and my computer world entertainment and checked my pressure every hour ( with two different Pressure machines ) and each hour it went down and down…while smoking and drinking !!! whoooo hooo ! Now thats REAL HARD PROOF ! Spooky is working ..

at the end of the Night …. after hours of relaxing smoking and drinking… My Blood pressure was 130/ 80 !!!
I looked up perfect blood pressure and found a site that listed them by age and gender ….and for my age and gender ..
130/ 80 is the exact Numbers !!! I could not believe It !
ATTENTION ; Everybody Please Know this !!!
Drinking and smoking together WILL ALWAYS DRIVE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE HIGHER….. ALWAYS …even with medication .

I have done this experiment 3 different times and it has always brought my pressure down to perfect or normal …
while smoking and drinking the whole time ” )) Im sorry but that is Nothing less than amazing !!! and PROOF Of spooky’s Power … I have told everyone and anyone that would listen….its that amazing to me…and im so proud of spooky2 !

Today I started the ” Terrain Protocol of detox for 11 days ” this will be the ultimate detox ….im going to force myself to drink lots of water for maximum flush… I KNOW It has the potential to beat me about the head and body for 11 days….but im ready willing and able to drink that water and take any negative as a possitive ..
and I KNOW Im going to be Much much better off for it : ))) I Know it already …..and as time goes on I have a strong confidence that it will bend my mind and body to NOT look for alcohol and cigarettes for a life line or crutch..
Im very positive of this …I already feel a strong change in urge and desire for that feeling …I really mean this..

OK OK ! Thats MY STORY and Im sticking to It !! whooo Hooo ! This is Fact and Im so Glad I finally did this …
and People… the support and chat team are second to None ! I have never experienced any support like it …
you ask ANY question on chat and your response time is about ??…… one, one one thousand , two, one One thousand ??
about 3 to 4 seconds !! I Kid you Not ! I have NEVER Experienced anything like it with ANY Chat Anywhere !!
and being brand New….i have chatted a Lot …absolutely amazing customer service ….Truly the Best !!! : )))
OK Folks … I Am Completely truthful and Honest with every word i have written and very happy to write It !!
I Personal thank My almighty God for the Brains and wisdom of the spooky engineers and creators !!
I also Know im going to expand my program and buy a few more things that I KNOW will enhance My Life greatly.
I Can Not say enough….. and its been 3 weeks ! I could not be happier, more satisfied and confident for My Best Life possible with My little Buddy ! Spooky2 !! Thank you , thank you very Much ! ( Elvis Voice ) Steve : )))
whoooo Hooo ! ….No really

steven plunger