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Rife Frequency List

This list is a compilation of frequencies from Rife frequency researchers. Here you can find the biggest rife frequency database in the world. You can experience these frequencies and see whether they work for you. If a frequency program makes you feel uncomfortable, please stop running it until you feel better. Please note that these frequencies are only for experiments.

Feel free to share with us what frequencies have helped you overcome your health problems. Happy rifing!

Spooky2 has the biggest rife frequency database in the world. It has 13 sub-databases, including BP, DNA, MW, PROV, CAFL, KHZ or BIO, etc.

Here we select plenty of useful frequencies to make this frequency list for your experiment!

You can check and download here: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/download/spooky2rifefrequencylist.pdf