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Invite Your Friends & Earn Points
Help your friends earn a 3% discount for their first orders

01. Invite Your Friends to Spooky2

Make sure you use your referral link when you share with your friends.

02. Your Friend(s) Make Their First Purchase

They will get a 3% discount for their first orders when they spend over $300.

03. Earn Points

You will earn 3,000 points for every new customer you introduce to Spooky2.

98.7% of our users say they’d like to recommend Spooky2 to a friend!

How many points can you earn?

🚀 The more friends you refer the more points you earn.

1 person3,000
5 people15,000
10 people30,000
20 people60,000
40 people120,000
80 people240,000
160 people480,000

NOTE: If you still have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].