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Colloidal Silver Full Guide 49

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Colloidal silver is known as an antibiotic, antivirus and antifungal which can prevent and treat numerous conditions in both humans and animals, like cold and flu, ear infection, nose infection, skin infection, etc. Medical tests indicate no known adverse effects from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver, and there has never been a recorded case of drug interaction with any other medication.

We have prepared a document for you, which elaborates these points in details:

  • History of Silver Usage
  • What is Colloidal Silver?
  • Working Theory of Colloidal Silver
  • Uses of Colloidal Silver
  • 4 Ways of Applying Colloidal Silver
  • How to Make Colloidal Silver
  • Why Spooky2
  • User Feedback

To fully understand Colloidal silver, please check the link below and discover all the exciting health benefits it can bring to you and your loved ones: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/download/Colloidal_Silver_Brochure.pdf

If you want to make your own Colloidal Silver that is fresher and higher quality than most commercial products, get this Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Generator Kit now: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/product/spooky2-colloidal-silver-generator-kit/

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  1. Thank You !!!!! Really need this … also for educating others !!!! 🙂

    Birgitte Jensen
    1. Always our pleasure! We will try our best to help all users.

  2. Been doing my own colloidal sil er for the lat 10 years. Works great!

    1. Hi Paul, good morning!
      I am new to applications of colloidal silver. As you have been using this for such a long time, May I respectfully ask in what areas of applications you are using colloidal silver?
      Wound healing?
      Internal consumption for what conditions?

      1. Dear Kia, there is a video on the use of colloidal silver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynKlQBzg_Fw. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].

  3. Hi, i have your kit but for what are the 2 white small magnets used for?

    1. They are used for making Colloidal Silver.

      1. But how do you use the magnets as i can not find information how to use them in the manual

  4. Page 6 of the above linked manual, says, “3. Place the container on the magnetic stirrer and insert the little plastic agitator.”

    So you put the ‘agitators’ (aka, the white plastic magnetic stirring device) inside the glass container with your water. When you turn on the magnetic stirrer, it will spin and mix your solution. This helps make smaller particles. Which is good thing.

    1. That little plastic pellet is a magnet i in a plastic pill shape formally called a “Stir bar” and the little box you put your container on (The magnetic stirrer) contains a magnet that is spun around by a small motor. The dial on the front changes the speed of the motor so by changing that, you change the speed of the stir bar in your container. I like to have mine creating a small vortex meaning the water is moving quite fast, but not too fast or the bar might destabilise and rattle, or just lose its contact with the magnet and rattle around the outside of the container. 20 minutes of playing around with it is all you need to be quite confident in using it. I use mine to make skin care products, and herbal tinctures not just for colloidal silver and I am shopping for a heated magnetic stirrer to do other applications. I honest dont know how I coped without this. I also spent some money (not much) on proper lab beakers and flasks (Borosilicate) and the are not expensive at all. I get that from a science supply store. This way everything is well balanced, stable, and I dont have to worry about anything going wrong. Also.. advice. When you buy the colloidal silver kit, also get an extra remote so when you are not using the generator to make silver solution, you can stick a remote on it and run a program on it. The remote I think is around USD$20 ? It is extreme value for money. Your colloidal silver kit will be an essential part of your spooky equipment. What do I use silver solation for ? Orally, I also put a little in my CPAP water tank to prevent mold growth, and I also add a little to the chicken coop water for the same thing.. it prevents mold and bacteria growing in the water which would normally make my birds sick if I forgot to change it. Those are just some of the things you can use it for. Traditionally people often put silver coins in their fresh milk to stop it going rancid (prior to refrigeration).. so you see how good it is at preventing bacteria and mold growth. Another thing I do is buy clean dressings, soak them in the colloidal silver and re-package them. When I need them, I know the bandages will prevent infection. There are many uses for colloidal silver. But dont drink a lot of it, all the time or it can turn you blue. Google that one 🙂

      1. thank you so much for this it was very useful.

        Stormie Raven-White
      2. Thank you for your information Brett, I was looking for exactly the information you gave here.
        Warm wishes and blessings.

      3. So cool! I got only one white stirrer is that enough!

        d. cornelissen
        1. One is sufficient! Probably they send two so you can loose one and still be able to continue to work!

          Jonas Truedsson
      4. Excellent info. Thank you, Brett for sharing your experience and proper use of the important piece of equipment!

  5. Thanks a million, appreciated 🙂

  6. Does the computer show at the end the amount of silver?? If it has the right amount???

    1. Not that I’m aware of, however if you have a TDS meter that will help or a metre to test ppm. Another way you can tell is the tinge of yellow when done. For instance, from my research and colleague making it for 30 years:

      Light yellow: 1-3 ppm
      Yellow: 4-6 ppm
      Deep Yellow: 7-9 ppm
      Amber: 10-20 ppm

      I think I might be doing something wrong though because when I test I’m not seeing a color shift.

      1. Please note that the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter can not work with colloidal silver. For more details, please check this link:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/tds-meters-do-not-work-for-colloidal-silver/

      2. I’ve seen much that has no or very slight color change. The quality of water affects it. I use steam distilled

  7. Please can you help with where you change the time to 750 minutes for my 500ml of water. The video shows old settings. My program only ran for 1 hour. I use spooky 2

    Zizi Wattrus USA
    1. Hi. Please tick ” untils – Colloidal/Ionic Silver Calculator ” in the software.Then you can change the Duration( mins) there

      1. Hi Penny,
        I used silver coins instead of the silver wire with the kit for 9 hours to create a 30 ppm colloidal solution. I used the correct calculation and followed the procedure. I tested the water after and it stated 0 ppm, at that ppm it should be dark yellow to amber color. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong here?? Does it matter if I’m in Out1 or Out2?

        1. We recommend you use PPM at 20 to do the colloidal silver.

    2. After you set the JW preset you have to click on program and then change it manually where it says dwell multiplier . I was confused , too .

  8. Hello, I have used silver coins and the colloidal silver has not turned any shade of yellow for a 30 ppm set point. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. Hi Renee.You can use the laser pen to test it . Pretty sure any red or green laser pointer will work. Clear colloidal silver is nano size – tiniest of particles. After a few days if it turns yellow, some silver has clumped together. I think I read somewhere that the yellow tone is the silver particles reflecting the light. So the larger the particles or the most concentrated will have a color tone. But nano size the silver particles are so tiny, it does not have a yellow tone. But the laser can pick it up.

      1. Thank you for this info, as it is important regarding the “nano” colloidal silver. Research done using the smallest nano particulate possible has proven that it has a better healing effect.

        1. Dear friend, thanks for you support and love! Any questions, feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

    2. Sliver coins can be as little as 40% silver and 60% copper. Pre-’65 US coins are 90% silver. I’d use silver rounds or bullion which are generally 99.9% silver

  9. Im having issues with my kit. I did it first with a beaker and filtered tap water and it was perfect. Next I purchased some borosilicate glass 1L flasks and used Nobels pure water from a box, and the rods are turning black. I have the silver rods about 6 inches in the water 1 inch apart, as it is only 1L I am doing. I set the time to 1500 which is 25 hours for 20 ppm. I did not change the voltage. I double checked the glass.. it should be totally corrosion free. Is there any chance this is not contaminations and if it is.. where could it be coming from ? I will try again tomorrow using filtered tap water again to see what happens. Nobels is a boxed water brand that claims it is totally 100% pure. My filtered tap water is reverse osmosis but I admit the filters are more than 12 months old and are due for a change. But ironically that water left the rods only grey, and I had that set to 50 ppm. Does that make sense ? Is it possible I am doing something wrong ?

    1. Hi, if it goes black, it means your water has impurities.

      1. I use steam distilled water which I tests at 0-1 ppm. My RO tests usually in low 20s. My rods turn black. I talked to people who brew CS for many years. They said the rid turning black is not an issue.

    2. You should always use distilled water to make colloidal silver. All other water will have impurities and not be as pure as distilled water. Get some distilled water wipe off your rods and try it again.

  10. what is exactly the effect of the special wave of spooky2, can you explain? and what is the size of the silver, you show two pictures, but what do they mean? there Is no explanation. what is the 1 nanometer look like, is the silver this size?

    andriana Landegent
    1. Hi, could you send your questions to [email protected], our customer service can give you much more professional and detailed answers.

  11. I use distilled water (without the charcoal bag) and default 20ppm setting for 500ml water and my silver rods also goes grayish? Isn’t it normal for the rods to tarnish during each colloidal process? I Just wipe it with a soft tissue afterwards?

    1. Hi, it is normal for silver rods to turn gray. But if it goes black, it means your water has impurity.
      Yes, you can use a soft tissue to clean it after each usage, like a microfibre cloth, a green kitchen scrubbie…

  12. A few questions. I have searched all sites, but no results.

    1. Is there and advantage or dis-advantage of using a Generator X verses an XM Generator to produce C Silver?

    2. What is the procedure for using a multimeter device to determine the accurate current (mA) for a CS session?

    3. Any recommendations on a specific multimeter device? Perhaps a link to an Amazon sold product?

    4. Any recommendations on a TDS measuring device? I am aware that this does not determine PPM of CS, I am just curious.

    5. What is the best volume and height of the glass beaker to use for the creation of CS? I suppose it depends on a person’s needs, I have chosen 1000 ML low profile. However, some posts suggest that the rods should be in at least 12 inches of water – a glass beaker of this height is difficult to find

    1. Hi, Torr. There is no particular difference between using GX and XM. You need to use CS port of Spooky2 Boost to make colloidal silver. About the other questions, you’d better send them to [email protected], our technical staff will give you much more professional advice, l believe they will help solve your doubts:)

  13. My completed colloidal silver has quite visible silver particles, should I strain the finished product through some light cloth?

    1. Hi, Karen. No need to strain. Make sure the water you use to make colloidal silver is pure enough.

  14. I bought the kit, but the instructions, as usual, are lacking. They skip entire steps. The picture shows the magnetic stirrer but the instructions never mention it. They say make note of how many minutes the process will take but never tell you why. They say to set the dwell but never mention where to get the dwell number from. They really need to do better when it comes to instructions–maybe hire someone who knows what they’re doing instead of a technical writer who doesn’t realize they’ve missed a step or two.

  15. I commented the other day about the steps lacking. Ok, so I did some research at other places, facebook group, etc and this is my set-up: 1 quart mason jar, filled to 800 ml line with distilled water, used a scrubby pad for the silver bars and bent a hook at one end to hang on the top of the jar–so the rods are across the jar from each other, over 1 inch apart. I then put in the stirrer and attached the leads to the silver rods with the other end connected to the colloidal silver port of the XM generator. I have the generator connected to my computer with a usb cord. Generator is on, launched spooky2 and ran the calculator, set the dwell at 1200. Then went to overwrite generator, start and total says 72000. It ran for 20 hours and turned itself off. I turned off the lights, room is dark, shined laser and nothing. Went to the facebook page and asked, it was suggested run it longer. Well, it just passed 43 hours and still no laser line. Am I doing something wrong? Is it making colloidal silver or not? Did I waste my money on this kit? I own another colloidal silver making kit, it runs 3 hours and I have yellow tinted water, so was expecting this to be similar. I am okay with letting it run as long as it needs to (it is still running now) but, if it will take days to make, then I would prefer to make a gallon instead of a quart. So, do I continue or stop and start over?

    1. If you are making a lot of colloidal silver water, you do need more time to make it. And you also have to make sure your distilled water is pure enough without too many impurities. We suggest that you contact our customer service, send the picture or short video you set to [email protected], our customer service will test your device better for you, find out the reason and help you solve it better.

  16. Well, I had a comment written and ready to post and it will not let me. Oh well. If spooky wants me to update my comment, perhaps they should fix their site.

    1. We have received your comment, please rest assured 🙂

  17. How should I store the colloidal silver after it is prepared? How long is it good fo?

    1. Hi Jay,

      Wu suggest storing the colloidal silver solution in a dark glass container. Plastics and ultraviolet light from the sun may cause the silver ions to lose their positive charge and clump together, disablingtheir ability to heal. Shelf life of about a year or more. Thank you very much for your support.

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