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Introducing Spooky2 Scalar

Spooky2 Scalar is a powerful healing machine that uses scalar energy fields to improve health. Scalar energy can restore cellular communication networks to enhance metabolism and circulation. It is a potent energy solution but is often ignored and rarely used. If you are unfamiliar with scalar energy, welcome to click here to learn its history and development.

Spooky2 Scalar is the first scalar device with three methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and Rife scalar. You can also use Scalar Harmony with Spooky2 Scalar to combine healing audio with scalar energy. Each mode has different advantages and can suit your various needs.

Most so-called scalar devices use the placebo effect. However, the fields produced by Spooky2 Scalar are strong and measurable. We use analog circuitry to ensure a pure signal, and the signal can be either molecular or frequency modulated using low or high frequencies.

Spooky2 Scalar transmitter not only transmits energy but also takes energy from the aether. Scalar waves are not electromagnetic waves. If it was a wave, it will lose power over distance. But because it is a scalar field, the power increases, because the field draws energy from the aether.

The Four Ways to Apply Scalar Fields

Pure Scalar

The easiest way to apply a healing scalar field is pure scalar. All you need to do is tune Spooky2 Scalar and sit or lie between the transmitter and receiver. The therapeutic energy will restore your intercellular signal transmission and chemical exchange pathways to help your body recharge energy and recover faster.

Molecular Scalar

Placing a substance on the input coil can further enhance the Scalar signal because the scalar field can also carry and transmit information. For example, you can put medications, crystals, or essential oils on the input coil after tuning Spooky2 Scalar, and its scalar field will transfer the information of the substances to your cells and tell them what to do, such as fight infections, increase spiritual awareness, or calm down.

Rife Scalar

The third way, and also the most innovative way, to improve the Scalar waves is utilizing Rife modulation. Spooky2 Scalar is the only machine that can modulate the original frequencies of Royal Rife. That’s why we can proudly say that Spooky2 Scalar is the world’s most advanced scalar machine.

Note: Molecular and Rife modulation can be used simultaneously to further enhance the scalar signal.

Scalar Harmony

Spooky2 Scalar Harmony is an innovative accessory for Spooky2 Scalar to apply healing audio frequencies through the scalar field. You can play healing audios with Scalar Harmony, and Scalar will transmit the restorative effects via scalar energy.

The Benefits of Spooky2 Scalar

After using Spooky2 Scalar, many people have seen improvement in multiple health problems, including

  • Chronic Migraine
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Sleep Disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Blocked chakra and meridians

and more

Order Spooky2 Scalar today to experience the transforming scalar energy.