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Why Choose Spooky2 Rife Machine?

Spooky2 is the most Effective and Affordable Rife system available today. Free software updates and the world’s largest frequency database ensure Spooky2 will always be superior. But there are many more reasons to choose Spooky2.

From the beginning, Spooky2 has provided a convenient way for people to help themselves without being tethered to a machine. Spooky2 Remote transmits healing frequencies using quantum entanglement. It sounds like something out of Star Trek, but it’s real science, and it works astonishingly well.

But Spooky2 offers many other ways of applying frequencies. Contact mode options include TENS pads, silver gloves, socks, bands, internal electrode, and hand cylinders.

Other methods are cold laser and PEMF. Spooky2 offers all these accessories. There’s even a Spooky2 speaker for audio frequency entrainment for healing.

Spooky2’s flexibility is astounding. You can make superior nano-colloidal/ionic silver with minimum effort. As if this isn’t enough, it can also function as a powerful Clark zapper – with Spectrum zapping as an added bonus. Spooky2 can also be used as a foot tub detox Rife system, and even to eradicate insect pests and molds in the home.

Today’s ultimate Rife machine is Spooky2 Plasma, which can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It’s the only machine we know of that can transmit frequencies of up to 3.5 MHz without needing any wasteful and potentially harmful fixed carrier frequency.

Many modern plasma machines are built using radio transmission methods, which is why a carrier is necessary. Spooky2 Plasma is different. Combining the original concepts of Royal Rife with modern components, Spooky2 Plasma wastes no power in creating and transmitting detrimental carrier frequencies.

All plasma devices require high voltages to light the tube. Many manufacturers do not concern themselves with the inherent dangers. Spooky2 Plasma uses 50,000 volt cable, and the connections to the tube have been designed for maximum user safety.

Spooky2 also has a well-developed biofeedback system. Biofeedback scans find the right frequencies for the pathogens in your body. The correct frequencies can work miracles.

Biofeedback scans send frequencies into your body, and monitors the results of this. As this sweep is being transmitted, it will stress, injure or kill pathogens. Your body registers these events as stresses, and each one is clearly recorded.

Spooky2 has two ways of doing biofeedback scans; Spooky2 Pulse and Spooky2 GeneratorX.

Spooky2 Pulse is a non-damped cardiac monitor capable of detecting the most minute changes in pulse rate. As the scan sweep progresses, Spooky2 correlates each stress event with the exact frequency that caused it. In Rife, this is called a “hit.” The frequencies which caused these are assembled into a program you can save and use to solve the problems found.

GX changes the rules for biofeedback entirely. During a biofeedback scan, GX records how the electrical signal behaves. A brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected. A biofeedback scan which takes an hour with Spooky2 Pulse now takes just over 4 minutes.

GX uses state-of-the-art components and ingenious circuit design to accurately monitor the current and phase angle of signals all the way up to 40 MHz. So you can really see what is happening in your body. What’s more, GX can use biological samples (saliva, blood, urine, etc.) with the Spooky2 Sample Digitizer to do biofeedback scans. This enables you to perform remote biofeedback scans. You are not required to be connected by wires, and biofeedback accuracy is enhanced.

Spooky2 provides good, honest health solutions without obscene profit margins. Our focus is on people, not profit. Because it’s better to help the many than help a few, our costs are kept as low as possible.

Another reason to buy with confidence is community support. There is an active online forum, and our Facebook groups offer a way to meet other Spooky2 users and exchange ideas. With the Spooky2 Rife System, rest assured you will never be alone.

How the Spooky2 Rife System Fits Together

You can see why so many people trust Spooky2 in their lives.

Knowledge is strength. Take control over your own health, and live a better life. Spooky2 will always be there for you and your loved ones.

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