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A guide for Beginner to Biofeedback scan

Transform your health experience in minutes!

What Is a Biofeedback Scan?

Whether you are healthy or not, you may not fully understand what is happening inside your body. However, now there is a method that can help you comprehend the processes occurring within your body, perceive if it is functioning normally, identify potential conditions, and assist you in targeting and eliminating pathogens. And all of this can be accomplished in just a few minutes without blood tests or needles. You can complete this miraculous process from the comfort of your home.

This incredible method is called a biofeedback scan.

A biofeedback scan is a non-invasive assessment technique that measures and analyzes physiological responses from the body to gain insights into an individual’s health and well-being.

A biofeedback scan is a powerful tool for listening to your body and discovering the most suitable frequencies.

How Does Biofeedback Scan Work?

The principle of Rife frequencies states that pathogens can resonate with and be destroyed by specific frequencies.

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A biofeedback scan, therefore, requires a frequency sweep in the body and a system to monitor the results. During this sweep, it kills or injures pathogens. Your body registers these events as stress, and each one is clearly recorded.

Then you can get your scan results and run the results to give your body the needed help.

The Benefits of Biofeedback Scan

Health issues rarely occur in one day.

They usually arise from very tiny ailments that you ignore or have no symptoms at all. Fortunately, a biofeedback scan can find such minuscule signs and address accordingly, so your discomforts will not develop or aggravate into more serious problems.

The scan will help you create personalized and comprehensive solution and deal with multiple health concerns simultaneously.

Moreover, a biofeedback scan is convenient and cost-effective. With biofeedback machines, you can monitor your health in the comfort of your own home without waiting in a long line to consult a doctor for expensive medications or procedures.

How to Choose a Biofeedback Machine

When choosing a machine for biofeedback, the essential criterion to consider is precision and accuracy. How can you solve a problem if you do not know it? Similarly, a solution would aim for the wrong target and be useless if your scan results are incorrect. Consequently, correctness is the No.1 rule for biofeedback machines.

Other standards for biofeedback machines include:
Speed: You probably do not want to stay at the machine for too long.
Ease of use: Easy set-up and operation are always preferred.

Warranty and customer support: Should you encounter any problems, someone will back you up.

As the world’s most advanced Rife system, Spooky2 offers fast and accurate biofeedback scans with its powerful GeneratorX Pro. The scan only takes minutes to finish and will find the frequencies your body needs most. Then you can store the results in the Spooky2 software and later run Rife devices with your personalized frequency programs.

Four Modes of Spooky2 Biofeedback


TENS Scan with GeneratorX Pro can find the most appropriate frequencies for your body by recording changes in electrical signals. When a frequency resonates with a pathogen in your body, a subtle change in the electrical pattern will indicate a match and be recorded in the scan result. The TENS scan can finish within minutes. If you are interested, check out GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit.


Pulse Scan

A pulse scan uses the heart rate to monitor the body’s response to the frequency. The pulse can be used to discover frequencies that can calm the body (healing) and get rid of pathogens (killing): Any frequency that causes stress in the body will increase the heart rate, and any frequency that calms the body will decrease the heart rate. It can also detect and help with emotional issues. If you are a bit tight on the budget, consider pulse scan with XM Generator Portable Starter’s Kit.


Sample Digitizer Scan

The Sample Digitizer is an accessory for doing a GeneratorX Pro Sample Digitizer Scan, which can find the frequency of pathogens in the sample (urine, saliva, blood, etc.) placed in the sample digitizer. It also needs the GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit.


Scalar Digitizer Scan

Spooky2 Scalar is the only Scalar device capable of doing biofeedback scans. Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer measures tiny changes in the scalar field during a scalar frequency scan to find the most fitting frequencies for your body. Scalar biofeedback requires a GeneratorX Pro to modulate the Scalar field and measure the response. (New to Scalar? Start here!)

$2,288.00 – $2,457.00

Why should you choose Spooky2?

As the world’s most advanced Rife frequency system, Spooky2 biofeedback scans offer multiple advantages, including:


Download and software updates are free, and Spooky2 has the world's largest frequency database with over 60,000 programs that can deliver accurate results.


Sample Digitizer Scan Mode eliminates the need for physical contact with sensors or devices required in traditional biofeedback applications. You can move freely during the biofeedback scan, which helps minimize discomfort.


There are different biofeedback scan modes available that are tailored to different situations. There is the Pulse Scan for a precise whole body scan, the TENS Scan for a quick biofeedback session, and the Sample Digitizer Scan for maximum freedom of movement.


In addition to biofeedback scanning, Spooky2 has other powerful features. Spooky2 brings you not one, but MANY Rife machines in one package - with plasma, contact, remote, PEMF, cold laser, audio and more.


Spooky2 has a large and engaged user community where users can share their experiences, treatment plans and advice.


Spooky2 offers a wide range of package solutions at different prices to meet the needs of users with different budgets. This will make this effective healthcare management tool affordable to a larger number of people.

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